Eyebrows for Heart shapes Faces

Even if you’re a very unobservant individual, you’d have noticed that people have different face shapes. Some of the recognized face shapes include: Oval, diamond, square, round, oblong, and heart-shaped. To reach the full potential of the beauty that comes with these face shapes, it is important to understand the elements, accessories, and facial designs that synchronizes perfectly with them. Whatever cosmetics or accessories you’re applying on your face might make you look more horrible if you don’t consider the face of your shape.
In this article, we’ll be exploring the heart-shaped face and eyebrow designs that perfectly complement them.

Why are eyebrows important?

The answers are quite simple and obvious. Eyebrow designs represent your personality. They make your facial features such as your eyes, chin, and forehead more apparent and control how these features are perceived by third-parties. Many people may disagree, but eyebrows play a role in communication, most times in a subtle but powerful way.
Eyebrows amplify the beauty of any human out there. With a perfectly trimmed and shaped eyebrow, you can expect your beauty to increase in multiple folds, giving you the perfect slay and chic look.
Plus, it’d be really weird if people didn’t have eyebrows, don’t you think? So, yea, eyebrows make people look more civilized, tidy, and normal.

What describes a heart-shaped face?

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The heart-shaped face is arguably the trickiest of all shape faces, and there’s a sort of thrill that comes with the look too. Heart-shaped faces are really not hard to identify; if you have a long, slender jawline, and wide forehead and cheek bones, you have a heart-shaped face. The heart-shaped face is one of the most attractive face shapes in the world today, and if your face is crafted like this, you should rate yourself a lot higher than you already do. Some of the most famous names with heart-shaped faces include:

  • Naomi Campbell
  • Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)
  • Ashanti
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Zoey Deschanel
  • Ashley Olsen

You share the same face shape with these amazing and talented people, and you should really feel good about your face for it.
Here are some of the best eyebrow designs for heart-shaped faces, enjoy!

Rounded eyebrows

Arguably one of the sexiest brow patterns out there, a round eyebrow gives your face a natural look with a tinge of finesse that illuminates absolute beauty. Round eye brows aim to make a curve right above the eyes in a way that highlights the upper area of the eye. Round eyebrows follow the natural curve of the eye to and complete the curve of your chin to create something truly magical. If you’re hoping to spice up your look with a different eyebrow design, going round is one of your best options as a heart-shaped person.

Thick-rounded eyebrows

When it comes to thickness, you have to allow a sufficient amount of hair with a round, low-arched eyebrow design. It actually makes you look younger, sexy, and fierce, but in a good way. Creating such a masterpiece requires a lot of patience, experience, and expertise, so it’ll take quite some time to design perfectly. With this look, you could walk into any building and ask for the keys to the place… Just kidding, but seriously, this look is a great option for the shape of your face. 

Low arc pattern

Here, you want to avoid high arcs and sharp curves. They expose your forehead, and make you look super weird. Pretty sure you don’t want to look weird to your crush or the love of your life, so stick to low arcs and watch your face glow like the morning sun. It involves drawing your eyebrow line with subtlety to place the elevation of your eye brow above the flat line, and strike a balance between eyebrow curves and arcs. 

Eyebrows with ascending lines

This design is a current trend in the fashion world, and it is widely accepted, even for other face shapes. Since you can’t move the position of the eyebrow, you can make it look like it’s ascending by drawing a line that slightly extends the upper part. Be wary of high arcs and sharp curves though, they are like poison to a  face of beauty. 

Trimmed tail design

If you’re used to making your eyebrow full through and through, you might consider taking the risk of slightly reducing the amount of hair as your eyebrows reaches its tail end. It is quite unconventional, agreed, but there’s nothing wrong in being different and driving a new trend. The trimmed tail design is perfect for your face shape, it makes you look more bold, apparent, and unique. You should definitely try it out.

Experiment and Impress!

When it comes to eyebrow designs, many ladies tend to be skeptical about the patterns to go with. They cannot be blamed really, a terrible eyebrow pattern is a nightmare, and what makes it worse is that it cannot be hidden using like scarf, or cap (except large, dark sunglasses though). Pictures of yourself in bad eyebrow patterns immortalizes the experience, and one could get trolled on social media in many ways possible. That is why is vital to choose the right eyebrow patterns that fit your face shape, in this case; heart-shaped face. 

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