Secrets you didn't know about facial toner

There are essential rituals in our lives, such as brushing our teeth after eating, drinking enough water a day, never stopping having breakfast, or eating fruit daily. The nightly ritual is simple: cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin, these three steps being essential to keep our skin in good condition.

We must always clean, even if we do not wear makeup, because the air in the street is full of impurities: smog, car debris, dust, and other things that, together with the natural oil of the skin, end up forming a film of dirt that clogs pores. If you also wear makeup, your skin is subjected to chemicals, dyes, colors, and substances that affect it.

There are some girls who consider that the tonic is not essential, and they make a serious mistake. Facial toners are liquid, usually astringent that complement the cleansing of the skin. Without them, proper cleaning cannot be achieved.

Let us tell you in detail why we should use facial toner daily.

Reestablish the PH

The right facial toner keeps the PH of the skin neutral. PH is the degree of acidity, and the amount is lower the more acidic it is, being the ideal a pH of 5.5. After cleansing, the PH of the skin can be at 7, which makes it more fragile and attacked by bacteria. Thanks to the tonic, the skin reaches PH 5.5, making it less sensitive to breakouts or irritation.

Eliminate fat

No matter how well you wash your face, there is always a little grease left from your cleanser or makeup. The facial toner has a slightly exfoliating effect that helps remove all traces of oil and shine. The issue is to ensure that the skin is flawless so that it receives the moisturizing cream in the best conditions to fulfill its mission fully.


After a day of work, heat, sun, traffic, fatigue, air conditioning, and other horrors, the skin is as limp as a flower without water. Needs cleaning and pampering. Cleaning is achieved, but you also need a light, fresh, and delicious-smelling substance that refreshes and calms your altered skin, that's what the toner does. A suitable toner, always without alcohol, such as rose water or orange water, refreshes your skin.

It is astringent

Astringent substances are those that shrink the pores. That means that, in addition to deep cleaning and refreshing, the use of the toner will immediately shrink your pores, giving your skin a feeling of being totally smooth because it refines and evens the tone. Remember that some astringent substances can be very strong for the skin, so try to find a toner suitable for your characteristics.


You can imagine that a product that deeply cleanses, refreshes, soothes, tightens pores, and refines has to have a glorious effect on your appearance. Yes, the toner makes the skin tissue look revitalized because it causes blood circulation to increase in the face, which makes the skin oxygenate better.

As you will see, the use of the tonic is essential. Do not forget to choose the most suitable for your skin carefully. It is important that you use it properly: put it on a cotton tassel and apply it with small touches. Then let it dry before applying the moisturizer.

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