9 Interesting Things About Steve Jobs you Didn't Know About

Steve Jobs was born in California and was an inventor, entrepreneur, and computer tycoon. He became known worldwide for having co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of Apple. In addition, Jobs has also revolutionized personal computers, music, phones, animated films, and tablets. And many things wouldn't exist if it weren't for Jobs. But like almost all of us, he got off to a rough start and without much to put on his resume.
Jobs was a great inventor and is an inspiration to many people today. His death, aged 56, impacted the whole world and his own company. But the legacy left by him continues and will continue forever. Some things are already known about his life, but some facts on this list may surprise you.

1 - Faculty

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Steve Jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, then went to Reed College. He only did one semester and then gave up, but he kept going to some classes that he found interesting.

2 - Calligraphy

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One of the classes he attended in college was calligraphy. Jobs learned how to make those elaborate wedding invitation letters. He used this knowledge to later, according to himself, make the first computer with beautiful typography.

3 - Family Life

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Steve Jobs was adopted. He is the biological son of Carole Schiebele and Abdulfattah Jandali, but Carole's parents were opposed to their marriage, and so she put her baby up for adoption. Clara and Paul Jobs then adopted Steve.

4 - Drug Abuse

steve jobs drug abuse
The Apple co-founder said that using LSD was one of the two or three most important things he had ever done in his life. He further added that if people did not understand their countercultural roots, they would not understand their way of thinking.

5 - Charity Work

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As CEO of the brand, he cut all company philanthropic programs, saying that they would wait until they made a profit. They never came back with the shows, but it is clear that Jobs had an impact on the world anyway.

6 - Apple Branding Dispute

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Steve Jobs was a mega fan of the Beatles and took the name of his company from the same label as the band, Apple Corp. However, this inspiration led to some complications. For years Jobs Inc.'s Apple Inc faced the Beatles' Apple Corp in court over trademark issues.

7 - House

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Thinking about Jobs makes you think of wealth, luxury, and fame, doesn't it? But for a while, before he was mega recognized, he was totally broke and totally homeless. After college, he had no home, and some friends gave him the couch to sleep on for a while.

8 - Internship

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As a child, Jobs attended lectures by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and arrived at one of its founders, William Hewlett, to order computer parts for a project. Will was impressed by the boy and offered Jobs an internship at the company when the boy was still in eighth grade.

9 - How it all Began

how did apple start
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started their company in Jobs' garage, shortly after Wozniak invented Apple 1. The company has grown a lot since its founding and is processed on average once a day

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