Celebrity Buzz: This is How Celebrities are Decorating Their Houses This Halloween

Pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts. The famous have left us the best deco inspiration for the scariest night of the year. Get ideas for next year!
Halloween has just been celebrated, and celebrities have let us see how they have decorated their houses through social networks. We couldn't be more amazed! If you need more inspiration for next year, take a look at the best photos.

Take a Look at How Celebrities are Decorating Their Houses for Halloween!

1) Karlie Kloss

Image Source: Instagram

Karlie Kloss has decorated the porch of her house with pumpkins of different sizes and has adorned her house's front door with a Halloween wreath, and with a sheet to look like a ghost. Spooky!

2) Tom Brady

Image Source: Instagram
Tom Brady, the New England Patriots football player and husband of Gisele Bündchen, has also decorated his house's entrance with different colored pumpkins.

3) Emily Henderson

Image Source: Instagram

Emily Henderson has shown a great sense of humor and has put a skeleton to play her piano. And by the way, she has decorated the instrument with a web as if it were a spider.

4) Julia Engel

Image Source: Instagram

Together with her husband and her baby, Julia Engel has decorated the entrance of their house with numerous pumpkins of different sizes and types. They are seen to be very fond of celebrating Halloween (and pumpkins too).

5) Martha Stewart

Image Source: Instagram

Martha Stewart shows us that a table with Halloween decorations can also be elegant.

6) Reese Witherspoon

Image Source: Instagram

Reese Witherspoon teaches us how she celebrates Halloween with her dogs surrounded by pumpkins. We don't know which is cuter: their dogs or the decorations

7) Tamara Ecclestone

Image Source: Instagram

Tamara Ecclestone, the former Formula 1 owner's daughter, has decorated one of her house's interior rooms. It seems he did it because his daughter loves it.

8) Bella Hadid

'Image Source: Instagram

In the photo of Bella Hadid, we see a skeleton on the wall of her house

9) Donald Trump

The White House, as in previous years, has decorated the exterior and allowed children to beg for treats. Trick or treat, Trump?


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