Hugh Jackman Shares a Photo with His Mother and Says He Forgives Her for Abandoning Him as a Child

Behind Hugh Jackman's big smile, extraordinary talent and unrivaled charisma is a difficult childhood, marked by his parent's divorce and his mother's abandonment. The great actor overcame that pain and now smiles with the woman who brought him into the world.

When it comes to Hugh Jackman, we often focus on his films and his roles, especially Wolverine for the X-Men. This great actor from Australia always has a smile for everyone, but few know the hard childhood he lived and why this emotional photograph with his mother has been around the world.

When he was eight years old, his family separated, and his mother Grace McNeil moved to the UK. She took her sisters, and her father, Christopher Jackman, worked very hard to take care of him and his brothers.

For the first four years after his parents' divorce, Hugh visited his mother once a year. But after he turned 13, the invitations to go to the UK stopped coming. This was a very hard blow for him, and he felt that his own mother had abandoned him.

Of course, it should not have been easy for Grace to be away from her children, and the Jackman family had very sad years due to this separation. Only as the years passed did they overcome this trauma, and finally, Hugh managed to forgive his mother.

In the recent photograph that the actor published on his Instagram account, he and Grace appear hugging and smiling at each other. The photo simply had the word "mom" on it, and it was a very emotional moment for them and those who know they were separated for a long time.

The image was a sign that the 52-year-old actor has already overcome the pain of his abandonment and that he does not bear any grudge against his mother. Now they can finally enjoy their company.

The post was filled with congratulatory comments for Hugh for forgiving his mother and good wishes for the Jackman family to get back all the time they were apart.

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