12 Quirky Gifts for Under $30 on Amazon.com

Since my colleagues and relatives have different interests, I can't totally count on my expertise to pinpoint a perfect buy — but I can count on the millions of Amazon reviews to supervise me. Amazon is also an unbelievable source if you're looking for last-minute presents since Prime-eligible goods ship in 2 days or less. So everything here is small, costs less than 30 dollars

12 quirky gifts for less than $ 30 on Amazon

Keychain iPhone Charger

This keychain is actually a cable for charging iPhone: just plug the phone into the computer using the two ends between the leather straps and keep working while the device charges. There are five colors of keyrings. 25 dollars.

Book Holder Decoration

Gift for those who enjoy reading and use books as decoration. The sideboard is matte black and costs $ 18.

Portable Earphone Case

Is there anything worse than a headset wrapped around your backpack? This portable case is great for storing headphones without getting irritated afterward. Also in black and gray. 10 dollars.

Carrot Whisk

This kitchen beater, which gringos call a whisk, comes in the shape of a carrot, but there are a bird beater and another that simulates a caged gorilla. 15 dollars

Coke Cap Picture Frame

This super Coca-Cola cap is actually a pretty cool picture and is about 45 cm tall and wide. Steel and glossy finish. 14 dollars.

Cork Cactus

This cactus is good for an office table or sewing studio: it comes with pins for you to nail on the top, which is actually removable for you to use the vase as a kids' holder. 13 cm high. 14 dollars

Modern Alarm Clock

This alarm clock was a craze last year when it only existed in light wood, now it comes in various shades of wood, including black. Works with four batteries or via USB. You can stop the alarm by touching or sounds, like clapping. 14 dollars.

Unique Knife & Cutting Board Set

Set of boards and knives for beginners: four boards and four stainless steel knives with different cuts and rubberized footprints. 19 dollars.

Herschel Wallet

Herschel is that brand famous for backpacks, but now they are making all kinds of bags, wallets, and briefcases. Made of polyester, the one in the photo is thin, for cash and credit cards. There are more than 20 colors on the internet. 20 dollars.

Kitten Shelf Hook

This friendly kitten is a shelf hook, so whoever passes it can leave their glasses, keys, or a light bag of up to half a kilo. 10 dollars.

Ice Cream Float

Who doesn't want to float on inflatable ice cream? This ice cream float has a length of about 1.82 in length and is made of resistant vinyl (but comes compact in a box that fits in the hands). 30 dollars.

Bluetooth Speaker

This JBL speaker is one of the best things I've discovered in recent times: it is equal to or smaller than an iPhone 6, connects via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable, and has incredible sound for small environments. There are eight colors, and the price varies according to them, between 24 and 30 dollars.

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