5 Unique Science Gifts For Adults They Will Actually Love!

Science is a thing of beauty, and that’s why it’s not so hard to create super cool gifts from scientific elements and principles. Science gifts will blow the mind of your adult friend, partner, or parent, and there are not so hard to find or design. Science geeks deserve cool birthday presents too- it’s shouldn’t always be about microbes, protons, dark matter, the human anatomy, or interstellar time travel – they deserve to get some love too, and what better way to do that gifting them with cool presents that reflect what they love about science. With a little bit of ingenious and creativity, you will be channeling your inner geek to get your science geek friend a cool but geeky present when they least expect it!

Remember, the goal is to make these gifts cool and unique. Gifting your geek friend a textbook they’ve read 10 times over wouldn’t make much sense and well, it’d be a disappointment. In fact, if they’re the core geek types, they’ve probably read the next three editions of that same textbook, and waiting for the 5th one.

Know your geek

Another trick to getting the perfect science gift for your adult geek friend is to know what type of geek they are. There are many disciplines a geek could be interested in; there’s physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, space theory, etc. Each of these disciplines also have different component which your geek friend is super interested in. You should gift your friend something they can relate to, you know, something that appeals to them. Gifting your biology geek friend something about Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity is like gifting an umbrella to someone on a trip to a desert in Peru. Doesn’t make much sense now, does it?

Get more information about what sends your geek friend on a frenzy by listening to them talk loquaciously about what they like, snoop through their stuff or notes to find out what they’re most passionate about (this sounds wrong, I know), or simply ask them to find the answers you need. However, you have to do all these without leaving any clues as to what you’re about to do, especially if you want to make it a surprise, and if they’re as smart as you think, you’ll need to be super careful. Stealth mode… that’s the only way you can pull this off successfully.
Without further ado, these are 5 of the best science gifts for adults that they will love:

Wall Clock of Elements

This item literally adds elements of surprise into a gift for geeky adults. If your adult friend is passionate about the elements of the periodic table, and even wishes to discover a couple of new ones, this is the perfect science gift for them. It will wow their minds and appeal to them in ways you can never imagine, because every time they look up to check the time, they’ll be staring at the time and 12 chemical elements (or more, depending on the design).

Microscope Pendants

The microscope in the design is actually a lot smaller and lighter than the laboratory microscopes. If your friend can’t stop talking about Anton van Leewenhoek and the awesomeness of the microscope, surprise them with a tiny version of their obsession. They’ll love you for it, and quite ironically, a tiny microscope pendant will magnify their obsession for the item the more.

The Mug of Planets

If you have a friend with a thing for space exploration and planets, getting them a mug with colorful planet imprints will make their day, any day. Some 3D printing of the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, with little facts just beneath each one is a really cool idea. Think of it this way; your geeky adult friend would be drinking dark matter instead of coffee from that mug. That is just poetic!

Electron flask

Any geek with some chemistry with electrons (no pun intended) would love this particular science gift. A drinking flask with an electron diagram imprint on it, and a cool, but geeky quote right beneath is a superb gift idea. If the flask is a portable one, your geek adult friend will not hesitate to show the world the cool gift you got them, and you can be happy with yourself that you made your friend happy.

Important women of science Tote bag

This is particularly for females, but if your male adult friend has a thing for women with significant impact on the science world, get them this bag. It typically has an imprint of the pictures of a couple of women with trailblazing scientific ideas and their innovations in small text right beneath each of them. With this tote bag, your friend can rep women with scientific discoveries everywhere they go. Pretty cool, right?

So Many Decisions...

There are couple of other unique science gifts for adults that they will love, but these 5 take the crown. You can always get these items at a gift store or design and print them yourself. The amazing thing is that, they are quite inexpensive and won’t hurt your pockets at all. When it comes to gifts, it doesn’t always matter how much they cost, it’s the thought that counts, and it’ll help you create better relationships with people.
Get your geek adult friend a unique science gift today. Who knows? They might patent a next-generation innovation in your name.

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