8 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Family Gatherings

Every year there are those Christmas souvenirs that we need to buy at the last minute. So, check out these 8 gift ideas!

Jar of Love

jar with written love letters
You have probably seen these jars of various sizes. They are glass jars containing several messages inside.
You can do it any way you like, like "take a ticket every day of the year," "take it out whenever you're sad," etc.
Or do it with colored paper, so that each color has a meaning.
You can find this little pot of love already ready in some stores, but it is much more special to make it yourself, because you know the person and know exactly what they need to read.

Gift Cards

holiday gift cards for the family
You really don't know what to give? So, how about a gift card (also known as a gift card or gift card)?

Just find out what the person prefers. For example, does he like to read? So a gift card from a bookstore would be interesting. However, if he prefers clothing, then give it from a store.
Basically, all stores have this option.
You just choose the amount and charge the card, as if it were a prepaid phone card. You can even choose personalized cards, depending on the store.
Thus, the person can go to the store and choose whatever he wants from the value of the card. Really good, right? Also, he has a usage limit between 6 months and 1 year.

Blouses with "different" prints

You may have seen (when entering department stores) blouses with prints of drawings, films, series, etc. It is super trendy and practically everyone.
I have several, and whenever I find one I like and the price is good, I buy it. So, how about giving a pretty blouse as a gift?
The secret is to find out what the person likes, just like the drinking glass. Are you heroes? Cartoon? When you find out, get straight to the point.

Box of Chocolate

box of chocolate Christmas gift
And of course, we can't leave out the classic chocolate boxes.
It is something simple, but many stores already have it in the box, making it more stylish and beautiful.
Find out which person's favorite chocolate and play!
You can also make your own box, using different chocolates from different brands. Or who knows, you yourself don't use your culinary skills and make your own chocolates?

Makeup Kit

makeup kit gift for christmas
As much as it is very personal, some women love makeup.
I am one of them and would not mind winning as a gift.
If you have a friend you like, how about putting together a kit? Several stores have the kit ready, but you can buy individual items and assemble them yourself.

Picture Frame

picture frame for christmas
There are many creative and super beautiful picture frames!
I have a few (most I won), and I love it! You find it in many stores, and your only job is to have the photo developed.
There are also some tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make your own picture frame at home, so if you want to take a chance, go ahead on DIY!

Kitchen Kit Essentials

kitchen utensils for christmas gifts
If the person you are going to gift loves to cook, then assemble a basket with cheap utensils, such as wooden spoons, custom dishcloth, spices, etc.
It looks very beautiful and sophisticated.
You can also choose a color or a color palette and invest in it, making the basket super monochrome, which contributes to a great look.

Decorated Candles

DIY Decorated Last Minute Christmas Candles
I don't know about you, but almost everyone has a friend who loves candles!
I have some friends like that, and I know they would love to get decorated candles as gifts, mainly made by me, which would be quite unique.
You can buy white or colored candles and then decorate them as you like! It is a charm, and as I said, very special and personalized.
But remember that the candle melts, then, nothing to put flammable materials or that do not melt with the paraffin (if glued / painted on the candle).

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