9 Creative Best Friend Gifts for Everlasting Memories

Do you want to give that wonderful friend - your best, from the heart - but don't want to give a conventional gift but one that she will always remember you when she looks? Creative gifts can be a little extra work, after all, most of the time, you will have to get your hands dirty to prepare something very original, but the result is worth it!

Take a look at our suggestions and take the time to prepare a special memory for that little partner who will be with you for a lifetime!

1 - Scrapbook of memories

There's nothing like putting together a notebook filled with photos, messages, and memories of the good times you and your friend have lived together. Imagine you guys reviewing all this content 10 or 20 years from now?

2 - Personalized breakfast basket

None of those ordered breakfast baskets. It's best if you set up a basket with your friend's face, putting all the food you know she's going to like to receive. Good morning messages are always welcome too!

3 - Love pot

In this pot, you will include papers in different colors with messages for her to read whenever she needs to feel good, raise her self-esteem or just remember how much someone loves her. A super proof of friendship!

4 - Twin mugs

There are many places that make mugs with personalized messages. Think of that phrase that represents your friendship or that inside joke that whenever she reads it, it will burst out laughing! And make two, one for your friend and one for you!

5 - Self-care basket

In everyday life, there is not always time to take care of your health and beauty. Prepare a basket with some delicacies and beauty products, such as an exfoliating mask, a foot bath, a vegetable sponge, scented soap, nail polish, everything that you find the face of this dear!

6 - Custom picture frame

A-frame doesn't need to bring just one photo. It can also have several cute messages to stay in a special place and always bring good memories for his friend.

7 - Letters and messages of encouragement

Sorority, empathy, and empowerment! Every woman needs messages that get her up from time to time. And when they come from a special person, even better. So, no one is better than you to write some messages for your friend to read when facing some difficulty. 

8 - Friendship keychains

We carry our keys up and down, right? So, an excellent way to carry a sign of your friendship always around is to make a friendship keyring with a photo of your friends. It's easy, cheap, and a fun gift!

9 - Bucket of goodies and messages

To brighten up a day or motivate after a difficult week, prepare a bucket full of treats, write some messages and messages of encouragement and surprise your friend. This gesture of affection can be worth a thousand words!

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