Christmas tree: 5 Tips to Decorate Yours While Spending Little Money

Choosing a suitable tree for the environment is already half way to make a beautiful Christmas decoration. So I separated 5 tips for you not to make mistakes when buying everything and get more out of things.

1. Buy An Artificial Tree

This is a tree that can be used in many Christmases. I have the principle of never using natural pines, for ecological and aesthetic reasons. Natural trees always end up dying, no matter how big the bucket is with soil at the base, because the roots are cut before the sale. For a living plant, the plant would have to have downwards, from the root, the same height as it has upwards - which is impossible to put inside the house. That is, every Christmas, you end up killing a tree.
Give preference to the ones with the branches full of leaves and greens, or even with the white tips, the ones with few leaves are not so pretty and will need a lot more ornaments to fill the spaces.
The totally white ones get grimy with time and end up lasting much less. Those of different colors, like pink, will end up getting sick or going out of style. The idea here is to buy a product to use for several years, but if you already have one, no problem, move on to the next tip!

2. Place Christmas Tree On Top of a Table

It is much taller and more charming if it is on top of a table, this way you are not obliged to buy a big tree, and you end up getting the same effect if you had bought a big one. In addition to saving on the tree itself, you will save on the number of ornaments.

3. Place Christmass Tree In Corner of the Room

This is a very nice idea when it comes to saving, because if the tree is in the corner, you are not obliged to decorate all sides completely, only the visible sides will take more decorations. That way, you save on the ornaments. The flasher can be placed by zigzagging the visible area, instead of wrapping it all over.

4. Use Large Ornaments

The ornaments should always be proportional to your tree's size, obviously, but the bigger ones within your tree's limit, the better because it will fill more spaces, and you will need fewer ornaments. Like balls, chubby snowmen, and big bows, those simple ones appear more than small dolls and are also much cheaper.

5. Make Your Own Ornaments or Give Makeover to the Old Ones

Nothing too complicated! Unless you have time for this. As I said above, the ideal is to use simple ornaments. I think it is worth making bows, paper ornaments, buying simple flowers, and putting gold glitter on them.

Are the balls you have at home already ugly? They can be covered with fabric or even with glitter too.
For ties, it is better to buy a roll of ribbon (wire, preferably). It comes out cheaper than the bows, and you will be able to buy a better quality ribbon.

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