Fun Tips for Spending New Year's Eve With Children

New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated for all families. It is a magical date where we seek to do something special and fun that allows us to start a new year on the right foot. Among the plans are always restaurants, hotels, ski resorts, rural houses, and some shows, this is very good, but when we have children we must think about what is best for them during this celebration. If you still don't know how to spend New Year's Eve with children, follow the advice that we leave you so that everyone can enjoy this party.

How to spend New Year's Eve with children away from home?

How to spend New Year's Eve with children away from home?
We must decide the best plan for that night according to the children's age. If we have a newborn baby, we should stay at home, or at most, we travel to the home of a relative. You have to take into account their hours of sleep or their breastfeeding feeds.

If we don't consider the age of the children, this fun party can turn into a nightmare: children who get bored, cry, or even behave quite badly. We leave you some practical tips to make this New Year's Eve a success.

Invite More Children!

children on new years eve
The good idea is to try spending the night with other children, whether from family or friends. Our children will be entertained and have fun. If they have no one to have fun with, they will surely get bored and annoy the other guests.

Take an Afternoon Nap

kid with sparkler
If the kids don't nap in the afternoon, they are sure to get tired before midnight. They are used to being in bed before nine at night, and it will be difficult for them not to be sleepy. When a child is tired, he tends to become heavy and irascible. If we can get them to take a little nap, they will be up at midnight happy, and they will not want to go to bed.

Festive New Year's Eve Recipes

new year's eve party at the dinner table
Whether we stay at home or go abroad, we have to try to make the meal a success for our children as well. If we are going to celebrate it outside the home, we can ask beforehand if they have a children's menu or what possibilities they can offer us. If we stay at home, we can prepare some special dishes, even if they are not very "Christmas."

Also, we must be careful with some foods that can pose a choking hazard . For example, hot dogs, nuts, and even grapes. These foods must be eaten under the supervision of an adult.

Children's Entertainment 

keeping children occupied on new year's
The New Year's Eve parties tend to have special entertainment for children in most places, such as clowns or magicians. They may even have a cheerleader who will entertain the children with games or activities while the adults have fun. One or two people depending on the number of children that also take care of them and are attentive to all their needs.

If we stay at home, we can organize games for children and board games for the whole family. A good idea may be to let our children dress up and have fun with others.

Prepare the Beds

kids sleeping before new year's eve
Children usually do not hold out until late at night. They usually maintain routines and schedules, and it is difficult for them to endure that night for a long time. If we are at home, we can have their beds prepared so that they can rest. If we are celebrating it outside, we will have to have a caregiver who is in charge of the rest area or retire when our children are already sleepy.

12 Grapes Equals YUCK

12 grapes alternative for children on new Year's
Most kids don't like grapes, and we can't spend the last night of the year trying to convince them to take them. To avoid nerves and tears, we can look for other alternatives such as small round chocolates or other foods, being very careful with allergies and choking. We must always try that they can take the grapes or other alternatives in small pieces that do not pose any danger to them.

Stay Safe and Most Importantly Have Fun

staying safe with the kids on new year's fireworks
Tonight is a great opportunity to spend a fun evening with the family. Also, try to be safe for children and watch out for dangerous decorations that can break or burn. For example, candles, cables, or some decorative items such as glass balls can be dangerous. Try to keep these dangers out of reach at all times.

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