Evaluating Perspectives: Addressing Criticisms of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise, has garnered both praise and criticism from players and critics alike. While the game has enjoyed commercial success and a dedicated fanbase, there are those who express discontent and label it as "bad." In this article, we will examine the criticisms leveled against Monster Hunter Rise and provide a balanced analysis of the game's strengths and weaknesses. By delving into aspects such as gameplay mechanics, content depth, online features, and player expectations, we aim to address the question of why some perceive Monster Hunter Rise as "bad" and explore the nuanced perspectives surrounding the game.

Evolving Gameplay Mechanics and Adaptation

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One factor that has sparked criticism is the evolving gameplay mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise. The game introduces new features and alterations to the traditional Monster Hunter formula, such as the addition of Wirebug mechanics, the removal of certain weapon movesets, and adjustments to combat flow. While these changes were intended to enhance the player experience and provide fresh challenges, they may not resonate equally with all players. Some long-time fans of the series may feel that the alterations detract from the core gameplay they have come to love, leading to a perception of the game as "bad."

Content Depth and Longevity

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Another aspect that has drawn criticism is the perceived lack of content depth and longevity in Monster Hunter Rise. Some players have voiced concerns about the limited number of monsters compared to previous entries and a perceived lack of endgame content. While the developers have introduced free updates and collaborations to address these concerns, the initial release of the game may have left some players feeling that it falls short in terms of content variety and replay value. Different players have varying expectations for the amount of content a game should offer, which contributes to differing opinions on the overall quality of Monster Hunter Rise.

Online Features and Connectivity

The online multiplayer aspect of Monster Hunter Rise has also been a subject of criticism. Some players have experienced connectivity issues, server instabilities, or difficulties in finding suitable multiplayer sessions. While online features are an integral part of the Monster Hunter experience, technical challenges can impact the enjoyment and perception of the game. It is worth noting that the developers have actively addressed these issues through patches and updates, striving to improve the online experience for players.

Subjectivity of Player Expectations

A significant factor to consider when evaluating the perceived quality of Monster Hunter Rise is the subjectivity of player expectations. Each individual player approaches a game with their unique preferences, experiences, and desires. The Monster Hunter series has a dedicated fanbase with diverse expectations and opinions. Some players may have had specific expectations based on previous entries or may prefer a different gameplay style altogether. These differing perspectives contribute to the varied reception of Monster Hunter Rise.


While some players label Monster Hunter Rise as "bad," it is crucial to recognize the subjectivity inherent in evaluating a game's quality. The criticisms directed towards Monster Hunter Rise often stem from factors such as evolving gameplay mechanics, perceived lack of content depth, online connectivity challenges, and the subjectivity of player expectations. It is essential to consider these perspectives while also acknowledging the positive aspects of the game, such as its visually stunning environments, engaging combat, and the dedication of its fanbase. Ultimately, the perception of Monster Hunter Rise as "bad" or "good" will vary among individuals based on their personal preferences and experiences with the game.

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