10 Proven Health Benefits of Using a Humidifier
When you hear about humidifiers in passing conversation, it may spark your interest in owning one yourself. After all, the act of moisturizing dry air sounds like it would benefit you and your home substantially, especially in the cold winter months that leave you with cracked skin. But are you aware of just how much you can gain? For some perspicacity, here are 10 proven health benefits that you can expect to get by using a humidifier. 

💦1. Helps Prevent Airborne Virus Spreading

This one is first on the list because with COVID-19 igniting fear across the globe, you may be excited to find out a humidifier can prevent the spread. Pandemic aside, as a whole, you will generally become much less sick with a humidifier. When your environment is humid, the germs in the air can navigate quickly and smoothly. A humidifier moistens the air, which makes it more difficult for those germs to move around, thus slowing or eliminating the spread of viruses.

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💦2. Reduces Dry Skin 

Dry skin can be an annoying and painful thing to deal with. Sometimes all the lotion in the world may not seem to do the trick. This is because when conditions are dry, it can pull moisture from your skin, making it dry and cracked. Our bodies are made up of 50-60 percent water and need a certain level to feel good, and a humidifier can be that link to get your home back to optimal levels. 

💦3. Helps with Allergies 

It is never fun to feel “sick” during allergy season. If you suffer from allergies, then a humidifier can help you tremendously. These devices can prevent molds and dust specks from forming, causing you discomfort. Additional humidifier benefits for this include soothing of nasal passages and reduce irritated tissues in your throat. 

Humidifiers help with allergies - proven health benefits

💦4. Helps You Sleep Better

Do you have trouble sleeping each night? Or do you tend to wake up with headaches and dryness in the back of your throat? If so, then a humidifier can give you the proper levels of humidity that can allow you to sleep and wake up much better. This proven benefit is one of the main reasons why pediatricians recommend a humidifier in baby rooms. 

Why you should buy a humidifier helps aid with sleep

💦5. Snoring

Snoring may not bother you so much, but it certainly may make your partner go insane. To reduce snoring, get a humidifier. The amount of moisture it puts into the air can reduce the dryness going into your airways and make it much more lubricated, promoting less snoring.

Health Benefits of Humidifiers - snoring

💦6. Humidity Eases Congestions

Your nose has a vital role in cleaning the air that goes through it. When you are outside in the summer or inside with the heat on in the winter, that air can be dry. When you inhale dry air, your mucus can become thick and cause your nose to become stuffy and agitated. A humidifier can mobilize that mucus and clear your sinuses, making breathing much easier. 

💦7. Humidifiers Prevent Nosebleeds

Breathing in dry air can cause the membranes inside your nose to become irritated. When this happens, you may find you need to blow your nose more often and are probably going to experience nose bleeds due to cracked skin. Humidifiers are proven to prevent nosebleeds by moistening the air, making it less likely for your nose to become cracked or irritated.

💦8. Reduce Respiratory or Lung Diseases Effects

These two conditions may include ailment troubles within your lungs, such as asthma, influenza, pneumonia, and perhaps lung cancer. Humidifiers are recommended here because when warm air is inhaled while having a respiratory illness, you can reduce the effects of those such diseases. For example, you will have better abilities to cough up phlegm easier and reduce nasal irritation.

💦9. Can Recover from Sicknesses Faster

If you do get sick with common illnesses, you can speed up your recovery time if you have a humidifier. With dry air, your nasal infection will have a hard time draining and can create a blockage. Humidifiers clear your airways and soothe any irritation so you can breathe more comfortably during your sickness. It can also reduce your coughing and sneezing side effects and allow your body to heal faster.

💦10. Humidifiers Prevent Headaches

Headaches and migraines are something that no one should have to suffer from, and with a humidifier, you can remediate them altogether. The leading cause for headaches and migraines is barometric pressure (air and water pressure combination in the atmosphere). It does not matter whether it is high or low; what matters is the change in the pressure and how fast that change occurred. This results in your brain not getting the adequate amount of oxygen it needs, causing pain. Though you cannot control the outside humidity levels, you can undoubtedly control your home's. A humidifier can regulate the barometric pressure, so you do not have to experience painful headaches or migraines while indoors.

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