Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors | For Stability, Bad Knees & More
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Lately, you may have heard about the popularity of Nordic walking sticks. People aren’t missing the chance to get one of these – and it is easy to see why! These are specifically built poles for your muscles that aren’t as active as before.

These sticks help with using 90% of the body muscles. Thus, helping seniors to walk better. As a result, many are looking for the best Nordic walking sticks for seniors.

These walking shafts have been around longer than you might think! And the market is saturated with so many options. After checking out this list of the best Nordic walking sticks in the market, you will be able to choose the best one for yourself or your loved ones.

5 Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors

After doing some thorough research, I have managed to come with the five best Nordic walking sticks for seniors. Check out my review of each of them and their pros and cons to figure out which is the best fit for you.

1. The Fit Life Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

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Any senior citizen who loves to walk, hike, trek, or even camp, would absolutely love The Fit Life Nordic walking trekking poles. Its users don’t have any complaints as they are super light to use, making the best out of your walking experience. Not to mention, they are one of the best durable sticks you can find out there.
Despite their lightweight, these bad boys can endure a lot of weight. Expert hikers recommend these for maintaining proper balance while walking longer miles. In addition, it is also capable of supporting as much as 440 lbs. of weight.


  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Max length: 53in (135cm)
  • Item weight (both sticks): 1.8 lbs


  • Highly durable as made with strong material
  • Quick-lock twist system
  • Decent foam grip (EVA)
  • Shock resisting mechanism
  • Super lightweight to carry


  • It might show signs of breaking if used too roughly

2. AYAMAYA Nordic Walking Sticks

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The AYAMAYA Nordic walking sticks are the ones perfect for those who love to test different terrains. It does not matter whether you want to go out and take a stroll in your local neighborhood, climb a hill, hike on rocky terrain, or even on the snow!
These Nordic sticks make things easier for anyone who finds walking a bit challenging. In fact, it allows you to start walking faster without doing much of the heavy work, thanks to its reduced weight.


  • Shaft material: Carbon
  • Max length: 53in (135cm)
  • Item weight (both sticks): 1 lb.


  • Sweat absorbing foam grips
  • Works well in all terrains
  • Weighs lighter than the average walking sticks


  • Will not last as long as the aluminum ones

3. TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles

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The TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles allow you to walk wherever you so desire. The rough terrains aren’t any match to these bad boys as they help you keep good posture while taking the load off your back.

Despite its high-quality material, it costs considerably low. So, if you penny savers out there are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is it. Elders wouldn’t have problems setting these up as they are ready to use in a snap of a finger.


  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Max length: 53.1in (135cm)
  • Item weight (both sticks): 1.35 lbs


  • Comes with a holder bag
  • Various accessories to suit different terrains
  • Lasts a long time with safe use
  • Wrist straps that are adjustable


  • Users might face issues with the lock mechanism

4. Fizan Unisex Nordic Walking Sticks

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These Italian brand Nordic walking sticks are super durable as they are made from the best alloys out there (Aluminum 7001.) Despite the aluminum shaft material, it is still quite light to carry.

One of the fancy features it includes is the Eva handles that are glow in the dark. You know what that means – evening walks! This will allow you to go out take fresh air under the stars during nighttime.


  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Max length: 49in (125cm)
  • Item weight (both sticks): 1.3 lbs


  • Handles (Eva) glows in the dark
  • Patented locking system
  • Minimized vibration
  • Comes with a bandana, carabiner, and other goodies


  • Gloves might be a little oversized

5. York Nordic Folding Walking Sticks

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If you are planning to do some active walking in challenging types of terrains, York Nordic walking sticks are the ones to buy. These bad boys are ideal for walking, trekking, and hiking, even for traveling!

Not to forget, it is perfect for those who love to do physical activities that yield a lot of health benefits. Using these for at least half an hour for about three days a week will reduce your blood pressure by a lot! Moreover, it helps lower back, neck, and shoulder pain


  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Max length: 53in (135cm)
  • Item weight (both sticks): 1 lb


  • Simple folding system gear
  • Extra lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Might not be suitable for most people because of the design

How To Pick The Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors?

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When shopping for walking sticks, you cannot just cherry-pick your options and guess which ones will suit you the best. And just simply relying on an individual’s onion such as myself is a good idea either.
Every person has their own set of requirements. So, knowing what you need is the first step to buying a satisfactory product. Here’s a guide on how you can pick the best senior-friendly Nordic walking stick:

Long-Lasting And Durability

A good rule of thumb is to go for a stick with an aluminum build that increases the durability of the shaft. While carbon fiber Nordic sticks typically weigh less, they usually have a high density.

It ensures that the poles are solid enough to support the user’s weight. Nordic walking sticks should be simple enough for elders to enjoy for a long time.

Quality And Value

Make sure you consider the details of your walking sticks. You will find it hard to walk correctly if the rubber tip of the stick’s base doesn’t have a proper hold of the ground.

The same goes for straps and handles. Elders will find it discomforting if the handle or straps are of poor quality when walking. So, to ensure that, pick a stick with a strong base and adjustable straps.

Weight And Portability 

Remember, our folks must have a good time and flexibly walk on any surface. The sticks must be foldable yet light-weighted to carry them anywhere, whether camping, trekking, or traveling.

When it comes to the elderly, the lightest and most compact walking sticks should be provided the most attention.

Height Adjustment

The length of the Nordic sticks is a vital factor because not everyone has the same height. That is why there are adjustable sticks so that anyone can walk with them.

The elderly are already suffering from posture issues. And buying a walking stick of the wrong height can further exaggerate the issues. It is best to play it safe and buy a pair of Nordic sticks with adjustable height features.


With all that said and done, it is safe to conclude that these Nordic walking sticks will help senior citizens stay fit and healthy. Not to mention, they are also great for your cardiovascular system.
So, were you looking for the best Nordic walking sticks for seniors? If so, then the ones I’ve suggested here are exactly what you need. Thanks for stopping by.

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