SOS Pimples and Redness: How to Effectively Fight Pimples

Multiple causes can be responsible for the appearance of redness on the face. First of all, there are genetic predispositions. If your mother is prone to these small imperfections (rosacea, rosacea), you may inherit them. If your skin is thin and fragile, it will also be more sensitive to cold and pollution and therefore, will develop signs of discomfort and imperfections (pimples, irritations). But it's not just sensitive skin that is prone to developing redness and pimples. In reality, all skin types can have it. Too vigorous gestures during the makeup, using water that is too hot or, on the contrary, too cold, or even a cream texture that is unsuitable for your skin type, can cause these skin problems.

Choose and use your products against redness
In the morning

fighting pimples
Indispensable, I recommend a moisturizer to protect yourself from the wind, the cold, and pollution. The choice is made according to your skin type: dry, combination, or oily. Creams are now available with or without sun protection, depending on the needs of the season. For rosacea-type redness, a moisturizer with a slight green tint (plant component) can hide up to 30% of the redness.

in the evening

fighting pimples in the evening
A cream to nourish and regenerate the skin. It is to be chosen according to its age, because the skin does not age in the same way at 35, 45, or 65 years. We apply it with gentle gestures, and above all, we do not confuse "fast" and "strong", because many of us do it! Similarly, we often put our cream on five minutes before going to bed: it is not good, the skin does not have time to soak it up (the pillow, yes!). It should be applied earlier in the evening.

Correctly applying ointments

how to apply ointments for pimples

What you need to know, for example, is the ideal water temperature for washing. It is from 32 to 34 ° C. This temperature prevents the skin from drying out and does not trigger the phenomena of "vasoconstriction" or "vasodilation" of the small blood vessels, which weaken over time. For the cleansing/makeup removal step, it is imperative to do it in the morning and evening, favoring makeup removers in gel form.
Here are a few practical tips:
⦁ - Apply and emulsify with the fingertips
⦁ - Wipe gently with either paper handkerchiefs or impregnated cotton discs
⦁ - Spray the face with a soothing water spray and perfect the makeup removal with the fingertips
⦁ - Wipe again in the same way.
⦁ Finally, it is very important to always hydrate your skin before going to makeup.

Anti- blemish makeup

anti blemish makeup and pimples
For women who have a little redness and are not used to applying makeup, choose a fluid foundation that will be perfect on areas like the cheeks. Put a very small amount on the fingertips and gently pat on the redness. It is a technique that men adopt to hide their rosacea without appearing made up.

For a particular event, an evening, this same fluid foundation smoothed all over the face and enhanced with sun powder on the cheekbones will delight fans of the "no make up" effect.

For those who have more intense redness, accompanied by other skin imperfections such as pigment spots, you should prefer a compact cream without preservative and without perfume, which is applied with a sponge, by small touches on the center of the face, then smoothes delicately from the center to the outside of the face.

The richness in pigments (40 to 45%) of this type of makeup combines a remarkable covering effect with little product. If the redness is more pronounced and the foundation is insufficient, add a green corrector touch, either as a brush for small redness or as a stick for larger imperfections. This green touch will neutralize - or gray out - the redness and allow it to be concealed effectively and discreetly by superimposing minimal foundation.

The essentials to have beautiful skin

Healthy living plays an important role in the health of the skin. It is important to have sufficient and regular sleep daily to opt for a diet rich in vitamins and mineral salts (fruits, vegetables), and to protect yourself from the sun whatever the season

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