What Is Boric Acid, What Are Its Uses and Benefits?

Boric acid is a mineral or chemical compound . It can be found in nature, such as plants, seawater, etc. It has extensive properties that make it useful in many fields. It can be said that it can be used as a poison for pests, at the same time to benefit the health of the skin and treat various conditions, as it is a powerful antiseptic.

We can describe it as a white powder that originates from boron, just as its own name indicates. The dissolution or mixture with water makes this mineral's usefulness in agriculture, cosmetics, etc. possible. Learn about the full potential behind boric acid.

  • Formula: H3BO3
  • Molar mass: 61.83 g / mol
  • Density: 1.44 g / cm³
  • PH: 5.1
  • Soluble in  Water, Alcohol
  • IUPAC name: Boric acid, Trihydrooxideboron

What is boric acid for? Properties and benefits

The proven investigations of this chemical compound derived from 1940. In those years, it was possible to verify that boric acid serves as an insecticide and its properties in the field of agriculture. It serves in medicine and for the conservation of wood. It is also useful for the field of medicine and for the conservation of wood. It is also combating wood wear. But in reality, the benefits of hydrogen borate are very wide. We will try to highlight some of the benefits.

Boric acid formula

  • It serves as an insecticide. Its beneficial properties for controlling pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, and others are fully proven. Some make a mixture of boric acid, sugar and water, this combination represents an excellent poison for roaches. Remember that cockroaches are carriers of many diseases. Therefore, boric acid can help you maintain good health for everyone at home by effectively killing these pests.
  • It is useful in the medical field. It copes with skin conditions such as acne, fights vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis), acute otitis, fungus on the feet (athlete's foot), and prevents minor burns. In a diluted form and in specialized products, it is used to treat eye problems. These are some of the main uses in the pharmaceutical field. It is widely used in the form of creams, gels and even makeup.
  • Wood preservation. It is evident that wood that is exposed to external agents faces fungi that rot or deteriorate it. You can apply a treatment to the wood with this mineral to maintain the wood and even combat moisture and wear.
  • It is useful in the industrial field. Borax combined with other compounds is used for ceramic coatings, induction furnaces, to reduce oxidation of jewelry, Silly Putty manufacturing, glass, among many other uses.
  • Fight fire. It is an excellent fire retardant, so it can be very useful in countering large fires. It is used by professionals in case of fires that are difficult to put out.


  • It has antiseptic and antifungal properties. This shows that it is useful to prevent infection in minor burns (You should never apply the powder directly to an open wound without the presence of a professional. There are products against burns based on this compound that are useful for these cases). Its antiseptic properties fight foot fungus. It has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for many years as a powder to reduce feet' "bad smell".
  • It has antibacterial properties. This makes it useful to combat vaginal problems and other conditions that result in bacteria, among which you can find suppositories based on boric acid. You can find products based on this chemical compound that allow you to maintain good skin health.
  • It has insecticidal properties. Its properties in this field make it the main source of use. It is a great ally against insects that affect plants. It can also be useful to eliminate mites and thus maintain health. It is very easy to use, and its effectiveness is fully proven.


This mineral is beneficial for all fields:

  • Its properties make it widely beneficial for cosmetic health
  • It is a great ally to fight fungi and bacteria
  • Kill cockroaches and insects
  • It is a useful compound for industrial processing
  • It is an excellent fire controller, and is even vital in nuclear technology.

How to use boric acid

Boracic acid or orthoboric acid is widely used. Its beneficial components have been accepted for some years. It currently has several forms of uses, which we will indicate below:

  • It is used in cosmetic creams or lotions. It is better to purchase pharmaceutical products in the cosmetic field, which greatly reduces some types of side effects. You can find a serum for the eye contour. As well as products intended to improve the appearance of facial skin, antiseptic and astringent products.
  • Powders to kill insects. Although you can find insecticides specially prepared to combat pests, you can also make one at home; the important thing is to buy boric acid powder, which is very easy to get in pharmacies. Then, you must make a mixture with water (some make some balls), and you will have an inexpensive and effective insecticide.
  • Catalyst. It is used in the ceramics, glass and jewelry preservation industries, among other uses.
  • In cleaning pipes and fire retardant. It is used by professionals in these areas.

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