Why Do People Do Yoga? 15 Health Benefits Most People Don't Know About

Why do people do yoga?

If you don't do yoga regularly, you might not fully understand what it is. Isn't it just a bunch of bending, stretching, and breathing?

One study shows that over 20 million Americans practice yoga. If you're thinking about becoming one of those numbers, you might wonder what's in it for you.

You might be surprised to find how physically demanding yoga can be. You might also be surprised by the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of the practice.

Check out these benefits of daily yoga to decide if you want to give it a try.

1. Increased Strength

Benefits of yoga why you should do yoga

Adult exercise recommendations include muscle-strengthening activities at least two times each week. You don't have to lift weights to meet those requirements.

Yoga strengthens your muscles as you hold various poses. The more challenging poses increase your strength even more.

Instead of using weights, you use your body weight to strengthen your muscles. Different muscle groups support your body weight depending on the poses you do. It can work well to strengthen your muscles without adding a lot of bulk.

Not only will you increase your muscle strength, but you'll also tone your muscles when you do yoga. This can give your body a more trim, toned look overall.

2. Better Flexibility

benefits of yoga flexibility

Yoga poses rely on flexibility, especially as you move into more advanced poses. Pushing your flexibility gives you more freedom of movement during other activities. 

Improving your flexibility also makes it easier to increase the intensity of your yoga practice. When you first start, even the most basic poses might seem difficult due to flexibility limitations. You'll likely notice that you're able to do increasingly difficult poses as you progress.

Yoga can also help with your balance since many poses require a strong sense of balance to execute. In your everyday life, that balance can help with your coordination and help you stay on your feet.

3. Core Improvement

Improving your core through yoga benefits of yoga

A strong core supports your entire body and can help you feel stronger and more balanced. You feel more stable when you have a strong core. It helps make everyday movements easier.

Many yoga poses focus on the core with special attention on the muscles that support your core. Stronger abs support your spine and pelvis, creating a connection between the upper and lower parts of your body.

Having a strong core can also help you prevent injuries, especially to your back.

You're also better able to perform more advanced exercises, whether that's a tough yoga pose or another type of workout. The strong core muscles support the rest of your body to make those movements easier.

4. Stamina and Endurance

When doing yoga, you'll hold poses for various lengths of time. This helps improve your stamina and endurance, especially when performing challenging poses.

Increasing your overall stamina and endurance through yoga can help you with other physical activities you pursue, such as training for a marathon or trying a different type of exercise.

Working on your stamina and endurance can also improve your mental strength. When you prove to yourself that you can hold a difficult yoga pose, you learn that you can push yourself in other areas, too.

5. Improved Posture

Improve your posture with yoga benefits

The poses you do in yoga class rely on proper body positioning. They also help strengthen the muscles that support your body.

You might notice that these effects help you improve your overall posture throughout the day. When you stand and sit upright with proper positioning, you might notice less muscle fatigue or aches.

6. Stress Relief

Yoga is often associated with relaxation. It can be helpful in reducing your stress levels while helping you relax.

Long-term stress can affect your mental and physical health. You might notice that you can't concentrate or sleep well when you're stressed. It can also cause physical pain, especially in your neck and back.

You might feel lower levels of stress overall with regular yoga practice. You can also use it as a healthy coping mechanism when you start to feel your stress levels rise. By doing your favorite yoga poses, you can tame the stress before you feel overwhelmed.

7. Emotional Health Support

health benefits of yoga relieve stress

All types of exercise, including yoga, offer the benefit of improved emotional state. You might notice that your mood improves after a yoga session.

Yoga requires you to focus on your breath and positioning. This can help you remove your focus on negativity because you're focusing on something else.

People with depression may find that yoga helps. Even if you aren't depressed, you can enjoy the benefits of improved emotions after a yoga session.

Mindfulness is an important part of yoga. Being more mindful may help you stay in control of your emotions.

8. Better Sleep

yoga benefits sleep aid

Are you like 35.3% of adults who typically get less than 7 hours of sleep each night?

Yoga could help you improve your sleep. Regular exercise often helps you not only sleep longer but also get better quality sleep, which makes you feel more rested.

In particular, yoga has a relaxing effect that can make it easier to sleep. There are different types of yoga that vary in intensity, but doing gentle, relaxing poses before bed may help you fall asleep.

Sleep benefits include better emotional well-being, healthy brain functioning, better physical health, and more alertness while you're awake. Using yoga to improve your sleep can improve your overall well-being.

9. Increased Focus

yoga benefits helps increase focus

One major idea with yoga is to focus on the present. It helps you eliminate the distracting thoughts that come into your mind.

You'll also need to focus on your breath and performing the poses correctly during yoga. That practice can help your overall focus. You might notice that you're more mentally alert and better able to make decisions as well as perform tasks that require attention to detail.

10. Self-Improvement

Improve your life with yoga benefits

Yoga emphasizes focusing on your inner self. It can inspire yogis to aspire toward self-improvement. This can increase your confidence, which makes you feel better overall.

When you increase your self-esteem, it can help you make healthier choices. It might help you avoid overeating, taking drugs, and choosing other unhealthy choices.

It can also increase your body awareness. When you're in tune with your body, you know what's normal for you.

You might find it easier to notice when something isn't quite right with your body. Noticing when something is off with your body can help you address health concerns early before they get worse.

11. Improvement in Health Conditions

Doing yoga may help ease some of the symptoms you feel due to other health concerns.

It often helps people experience less chronic pain, especially back pain. Improving muscle strength and flexibility may be the reason for this improvement in pain.

The gentle movements might also help with arthritis pain. It can be easier on the body than other types of exercise if you have arthritis.

12. Less Inflammation

Your body's immune system naturally responds to certain things with inflammation. Some inflammation is normal, but chronic inflammation can cause health concerns.

Inflammation may contribute to certain diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

Yoga might help reduce the inflammation in your body. This could make you feel better overall as well as reducing your risks of certain health conditions.

13. Heart Health

Regular yoga may support heart health the way other types of exercise do.

People who do yoga might experience lower blood pressure, which can improve your heart health. Having high blood pressure can put you at a higher risk for certain cardiac problems, including heart attack and stroke.

Increased blood flow due to yoga also benefits the heart and body overall. It can help relax your blood vessels. Improving your circulation can also help other body systems, including your digestive system.

14. Improved Breathing

The focus on your breath in yoga can improve your overall breathing.

Control over your breath can help you relax when you're feeling stressed. When controlled breathing becomes natural for you, it helps you deal with everyday life.

You might also notice that yoga helps you strengthen your lungs. This can help you feel stronger overall when you're physically active. You might notice you don't get winded as easily. 

15. Inspiration for Overall Improved Health

Yoga can help you feel like you're making healthier choices. Making one healthy change in your life can often inspire other changes.

When you're regularly practicing yoga and seeing the health improvements that it brings, it might motivate you to make other healthier changes in your life. You might find it easier to make healthier food choices and drink more water. You might decide to try other physical activities.

Adding up those changes can improve your overall health even more.

Why Do People Do Yoga?

So why do people do yoga? Not only is it a relaxing way to get in your exercise, but it also gives you many physical and emotional benefits that can improve your overall health.

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