Do People Get Paid to Be on the TV Show 'Intervention'?

The show “Intervention” represents the lives of addicts and their families. It's a great idea to encourage people who are drug dependent to get better. Because it's a documentary show, the unfiltered reality of their lives is shown. So, this leads people to ask, do they pay people to appear on the show “intervention”? Keep on reading to find out!

The people who appeared on the show ‘Intervention’ were not paid for being filmed. It is because they were actual addicts and they did not have any clue that they were on a show. But they got the treatment they were promised. In fact, it has an impressive success rate.

The show runs differently compared to other TV shows. Contrary to most shows, it also has a unique casting system. If you’re planning to watch the show or have already watched it, it will be worth giving a read.

How Did People Get On The Intervention Show?

Sad Family Intervention

To get on the show intervention, the family members or friends needed to contact the recruiters of the show. They contacted them through a telephone number that was available online on their website.

In most cases, Intervention was approached by family members of addicts who wanted to appear on the show. The telephone number was available on their website call. When people got in touch with them, the recruiter provided them with a specific guideline.

In addition, they also provided an online submission form. The form was called ‘submit your loved one’. It was for those family members who were interested in submitting their ‘loved one’ for the upcoming episodes of Intervention.

Family members were asked to fill out a form that asked for their date of birth and gender as well as their home address, occupation and email address. Family members also had to fill out another form explaining all the necessary information on behalf of the addicted person. A final form was created with questions asking about the relationship between the two people.

However, they are no longer taking applications for their show. Calls are no longer being received, and submission forms are no longer being accepted.

Is the Show “Intervention” A Real Representation of Addiction?

The show “Intervention” is a real representation of addiction. It shows the actual struggles in the lives of drug and alcohol addicts.

It's frustrating to have no control over your own behavior. The show illustrates how difficult it is when drugs have complete control over a person. They depict the daily struggles that addicts face; it's called substance abuse. The consequences of substance abuse that viewers see on the show are real. Physical, social and emotional issues are all part of the picture here.

Whatever you watch on the show, is not acting. There is nothing fake about the reactions of the addicts to different types of activities. They're joined by their friends and family, who are all sober. There is a depiction of the way they deal with drug addicts on a daily basis.

As their addiction has a direct impact on their family and friends, it is not a surprise that their family and friends respond by pushing them aside or refusing to give them money. This show does a great job portraying the unfiltered side of the story.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Show Intervention?

The success rate of the show intervention is about seventy-one percent. It means that it has successfully rehabbed 71% of the addicts featured on the show.

The seventy-one percent success rate in rehabilitating addicts' lives is impressive for a documentary TV show. They have not only improved the lives of newly addicted people, but the lives of hardcore addicts as well.

There were 161 addicts on the show over the course of five years. Approximately 130 people are still alive and sober today. People started to wonder how the methods of the show worked on most of the addicted participants. The trained therapists were the ones who believed their approaches were correct.

According to ABC News, the treatment highly contributed to the 71 percent success rate. The addicted participants had to attend the 90-day treatment programs. They treated the participants of the show after each episode, which brought immense progress in their lives.

Is The Show Intervention Still running?

Yes, Intervention is still running. It is returning for a 23nd seasons on October 18th, 2021.

The last season premiered on March 15, 2021. But, fans of the Emmy winning series still craved for more. And they got what they wanted. You can check out their latest trailer on their website. To get notified of any new episodes you can just sign up with an email. You’ll be notified of new episodes right before they hit TV screens.

How To Contact Intervention TV Show?

The obvious way to contact them would be through their Contact Us page. Provide you email and write a compelling story about the person in your life who is in need of an intervention.

You can also try directly messaging them on twitter or other social media. If they like your story then I’m sure you’ll be able to get on an episode. But you should keep your expectations to a minimum. They are at the end of the day a TV show and their primary goal is to score the highest scores with the best stories.

They get probably hundreds of applications by people looking for some 15 minutes of fame. Most get rejected, some go by unnoticed and then a select few get to be on TV. So, don’t beat yourself up over not being selected.

Do Interventions Work?

Interventions are indeed effective in encouraging people, especially alcoholics and drug addicts, to seek proper help. The success rates for some intervention centers are impressively high.

There is no doubt that interventions work effectively. The success rate for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence cites intervention is above 90%, as confirmed by most families of the addicts.

According to a study by the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, confronting the addicts increases the chances of them entering rehab. Without such an intervention in their lives, it is difficult to get them talking or control them.

However, for interventions to work effectively, there must be coordination among the participants. It means that the interventionist must be able to communicate effectively. It is possible to do this with proper planning and research about the addiction.

Thus, all interventions might not work. Only interventions with proper communication, coordination, research, and planning will most likely work.

What Happens During An Intervention?

During an intervention, there’s usually an interventionist who communicates with some addicts. The addicts are usually struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. The person confronts the addicts about their addiction to help improve their lives.

In most cases, there’s one or several interventionists and a group of addicts. The interventionists communicate with the participants, trying to understand their lives and their difficulties. As a result, they get along.

And when they do, the interventionists try to encourage them to get professional help from rehab centers. As the interventionists may sometimes include the addict’s friends and family, it becomes easier to convince the person with the addiction.

The group explains the consequences of not seeking treatment at the end of the sessions. They also discuss their final impressions of the show. It persuades other addicts to seek proper treatment.


Do they pay people to appear on the show “intervention”? By now, you should be able to answer this question properly. Intervention is a genuine show; thus, it is best not to question its authenticity.

If you’re planning to watch it, go for it because we don’t get to watch many real documentary TV shows nowadays. Hoping that you’ll like it. Have a good day!

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