Decorating for Christmas as a family

We leave you some tips and ideas to achieve an original, cozy, and impressive Christmas decoration.
Because decorating the home at Christmas should be an endearing activity, full of memories, tradition, and Christmas joy. Here are our ideas:

Wrap an assortment of medium-large-size boxes with Christmas paper

modern christmas present decorations

Tie bows or ribbons and stack them in a corner. It will look like your house has received a great visit from Santa Claus

Use Lights

cozy christmas decor with fireplace
They are not very expensive, and they do not have to be for the tree: simple strings of lights can be hung on windows and balconies to give a Christmas atmosphere to the neighborhood and convey a feeling of welcome to your visitors. They can also be hung above the walls, along the shelves, above the doors, or bordering the pictures.
The flashing lights add a magical touch to the decoration and look very beautiful on a dark winter day.

Add Christmas scents

christmas scents display
Our sense of smell is very powerful, and Christmas's aroma can help us evoke happy memories and make us feel good.
Assorted decorative wreaths and candles scented with cinnamon, orange, nutmeg, or cloves can be displayed. Christmas cakes and mulled wine with sugar and spices will give your home a welcoming aroma for guests.
There are also Christmas potpourris (dried flowers) that, in addition to decorating, have Christmas aroma.
Hang a collection of Christmas stockings on the mantel or shelf. You can wrap some small empty boxes in Christmas paper and have the packages stick out from the top of the Christmas stocking.

Make crafty paper snowflakes

cutting out christmas paper snowflakes
Other decorative elements that are very beautiful are the white paper snowflakes hanging in the windows

Decorate the home plants with small Christmas decorations

using plants to decorate for christmas
It is a way to save money on a tree, and it will give a different air to the little plants that you see every day.

Paint pinecones silver and gold 

glittery pinecones silver
Fill small glass or wicker jars with them to place on tables, shelves, etc.

Use clear jars as candle holders

decorating mason jars for christmas holiday
The typical jams or preserves fill them with candles, pineapples, fruits, and the odd branch you find in the forest.

Prepare your own advent calendar on a wall in your house.

Diy Christmas Advent calendar
Where you can put everything from sweets to small gifts. Every day will be a different surprise.

Color a room with vases of red and white flowers

showing a toddler how to decorate for christmas
As simple as buying a few small Christmas plants to place on the stairs

Candles and forest leaves 

cozy christmas candle wallpaper
Cover a living room end table or shelf with white paper and place evergreen twigs and tall candles on top. Before lighting the candles, make sure that the branches are far enough away from the fire.

Fill transparent jars of different color sizes.

DIY christmas decor jars
With Color, we mean from colorful candies, typical tree balls

Make your own Christmas tree 

diy crafted christmas tree for kids
On a wall with any item, you can think of. It can be photos, lights, pineapples. Anything that comes to mind is a good option.

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