5 Ideas to Decorate Your Christmas Table

The end of the year is approaching, and many are already beginning to organize the Christmas parties' preparations. The forecast is important so that, when the date arrives, everything is ready: the gifts, the decorations, the menu.

Whether we will have guests or not, we must not neglect one aspect is the decoration of the Christmas table. To do this, you do not need to buy expensive ornaments or spend a lot of time making them. Here are 5 easy Christmas table decoration ideas that you can put into practice at family lunches and dinners.

1) Decorate with citrus

orange citrus christmas decoration
With this first proposal, in addition to adding color to your table, you will get a delicious fragrance.
⦁ Glass fountain or stand
⦁ Tangerines
⦁ Pine branches
⦁ Candles
⦁ Candle holder
⦁ Use a tall cake or biscuit stand and fill it with tangerines.
⦁ Complete the decoration with some pine branches and a candle placed in a holder or a glass jar.

2) Orange Ornament Center Piece

Another alternative for decorating the Christmas table also with citrus.
⦁ Source or tray
⦁ Oranges
⦁ Pine branches
⦁ Holly sprouts
⦁ Small pineapples to decorate
⦁ Peeler
⦁ Nail on branch
⦁ Arrange the fruits on a tray along with pine cones, pine branches, and some holly sprouts.
⦁ The fruit gives off all its aroma, draws some figures on the peel with a peeler, and fills in the drawings you have made with cloves.

3) Classic Table Wreath

table wreath
Another very simple idea for decorating the Christmas table that you can put into practice with the help of the children.
⦁ Twigs of pine and eucalyptus
⦁ Holly sprouts
⦁ Pinecones
⦁ Red apples
⦁ Christmas ornaments
⦁ Candles
⦁ Glass jars
⦁ Walnuts and hazelnuts
⦁ You just have to create in the center a path whose base is made up of pine and eucalyptus twigs and holly shoots.
⦁ Decorate with pinecones, a red apple, and a few ornaments (for example, some Christmas tree balls).
⦁ Complete the decoration with walnuts, hazelnuts, and some candles in mason jars.

4) Decorated candle

For a somewhat more rustic Christmas table decoration, take note of the following proposal.
⦁ Candles
⦁ Cinnamon sticks of different sizes
⦁ White paint and brush (optional)
⦁ Elastic rubber
⦁ Burlap rope
⦁ Start by cutting some of the cinnamon sticks so that they are different in height.
⦁ You can paint them with white tempera or leave them their natural color.
⦁ Tie the branches around a candle and secure them with a rubber band.
⦁ Cover the rubber band with a portion of burlap string that goes around your candle and secure it with glue or a thinner string knotted around it.
⦁ To finish, you can put everything in composition with pineapples and dehydrated fruits.

5) Small Details

Some elements can be the key that makes the difference in the decoration of the Christmas table.
⦁ Christmas decorations in gold and silver tones
⦁ Small size cards
⦁ Candlesticks or candle holders
⦁ Pine twigs
⦁ Pineapples
⦁ Burlap rope
⦁ Place small cards with your guests' names on the plates or in the glasses to personalize the place of each one. You can make them yourself with white cardboard, some markers (black, gold and silver) and a little glitter, for example.
⦁ Add some Christmas decorations as well, such as tree baubles in gold or silver tones, some small strands of faux pearls in the same tones, and candle holders or candle holders.
⦁ Complete by dressing your napkins with a rustic touch; You can tie them with a burlap string and cover them with small pine cones and pine branches.

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