Captain Carter vs Captain America: Which super-soldier is more powerful?

In the first episode of What If…? We are shown an alternate universe, where a small decision changed the history we know.

Instead of Steve Rogers receiving the super-soldier serum, Peggy Carter did, spawning a new heroine in the MCU.

After this, Captain Carter became the banner of the Allies in the war against the Nazis and Hydra's number one target, as on the battlefield, she showed the strength and courage necessary to inspire her companions.

Faced with such a display of power, an inevitable question arose: Is Captain Carter more powerful than Captain America?

Steve Rogers was a one-man army in the war, but his performance was not as spectacular as that of Peggy Carter.

She blew up Hydra cars with a slight push or kick, was able to take impressive leaps, and displayed natural dexterity with the shield. He also jumped into a watchtower from a moving motorcycle, propelling himself with his legs, and shot down airplanes mid-flight. He pushed Shuma-Gorath (one of the most powerful dimensional beings) through a portal to make matters worse.

Although we may think that the animation style of the series exaggerates the action a bit, what we saw makes us believe that Peggy Carter managed to become a more powerful hero than Captain America.

It is possible that all that strength and dexterity was due to the military training he received prior to the serum experiment.

If that formula turned skinny Steve Rogers into a muscular man, it's no wonder he did better on an agent like Peggy.

For years Steve Rogers was considered a perfect super soldier, as he showed balance in his abilities and a selfless mindset. All the super soldiers that followed him were created with the goal of replicating him, but they never achieved the same result.

Captain America was key in the fights against Loki and Ultron, but he most demonstrated his value against Thanos, as he wielded the Mjölnir to attack the crazy Titan.

Taking into account what we saw in the first episode of What If…?, it is very likely that against the same enemies, Peggy would have had a better performance.

Thanks to his strategic talents, he might have led the Avengers to victories with fewer casualties and collateral damage.

However, it is not certain that it is worthy of Thor's power, because Steve Rogers was always a hero in his heart, a quality that no serum can give you.

For you, is Captain Carter more powerful than Captain America? Give your opinion in the comments.

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