How Much Do ‘Hot Ones’ Guests Get Paid To Be On the Show?

Interview-game shows are a fun time for everyone involved; the guests, the hosts, and the viewers. While there are many different types of game shows out there, there’s nothing quite like the show Hot Ones. You get to enjoy hot wings while being interviewed! But have you ever wondered how much do ‘Hot Ones’ guests get paid to be on the show?

This might surprise you, but the guests do not get paid to be on the show. It doesn't matter if you're a regular person or a celebrity, you don't get paid anything except for the good time and yummy wings. As for the game show, if you can win the 25, 000 USD prize money, then you'll get some remuneration. But otherwise, guests do not get paid. 

So why do people appear on the show? There are several different reasons for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike to be on shows like Hot Ones. Let’s find out why. 

How Much Do You Get Paid To Be On Hot Ones?

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You don't get paid anything to be on Hot Ones, regardless of whether you are a movie star, a musician, or just a regular person. However, there's a cash prize of 25,000 USD for you to win if you can eat through all the levels of spicy chicken wings. As a celebrity, if you're going there for the promotion of a movie or show, then your producers might pay you for the appearance.

This is what usually happens in most interviews. Even if the celebrities get paid, it’s usually part of their paycheck from the production company as part of the movie or content they are promoting. As for non-celebrities, there’s no paycheck involved. If that sounds like a bad deal to you, there are plenty of people lined up who would love to be on the show for free.

You might be wondering why people agree to be on shows like this then. The answer is publicity. For celebrities, promoting their content, whether it be a movie, a show, or even an album or book, is a great way to talk about their work and promote it to the audience. It gives them publicity. Which is a great marketing tool and important in making profits.

If their content does well, then they will get a lot of benefits, which is worth more than the time spent on appearing in an interview for "free". As for non-celebrities, just being on TV/YouTube for such a huge audience is a big deal for a lot of people. People enjoy showing off their fame and being on the Hot Ones. That being the case, individuals enjoy appearing on shows like this.

Do They Only Have Celebrities In Hot Ones?

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On the interview show, there are only celebrities as guests. However, in the game show spin-off of Hot Ones called Hot Ones: The Game Show, some non-celebrities appear as players, and they play against each other for the prize money. Anyone who can get through all the spice levels can win 25,000 USD!

The premise for both shows is a little different as well. On the Hot Ones show, celebrities appear as guests and answer questions about their lives, careers, and other topics while munching on wings that get spicier with each question. As the guests become more agitated from the heat of the wings, the questions also get a little tougher.

As for the game show, two sets of players fight against each other with trivia questions about pop culture, of course, while eating spicy wings that get hotter each round. For the game show, there are players from all walks of life, so it's not just celebrities. So yes, even you can be on the show and get a chance to win up to 25, 000 USD!

How To Get Cast On Hot Ones?

The Gameshow is dependent on a lot of factors. As of yet, there’s only been one season of the show. If there’s a season 2, then there will probably be a casting call like there was for season 1. For this, you need to keep an eye on Backstage, which is a recruiting/casting agency that casts contestants for Hot Ones: The Game Show.

Since the show is filmed in Atlanta, GA, you should be able to commute there for auditions/filming. They are usually cast in pairs of two, so it’s best if you already have a partner or friend you can go with. They want people who are entertaining on screen, so being outgoing and loud can help.

There’s an interview that’s held over Skype, and then they call you over in person to discuss the next steps. If you want to be on the show, you can register with Backstage when they make a casting call.

Why Is ‘Hot Ones’ So Popular?

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Both the Hot Ones and the Hot Ones: The Gameshow are very popular and this is due to a range of different factors. It's entertaining, it's unique and the host is engaging. The interview questions seem super interesting and you can tell that the interviewer has researched beforehand. The game show is also just as fun, because of the premise and of course the prize money!

Here are a few ways the Hot Ones shows are separate from other reality TV shows out there.

  • The Host 

Both the gameshow and the interviews are hosted by Sean Evans, who is a brilliant host. He does his research, and you can tell how deep he goes from the types of questions he asks his guests.

They aren't your typical, on-the-surface questions that most talk show hosts ask. He gets deep into the careers of celebrities. He is very respectful and asks questions that the guests are interested in talking about. As a result, this show is worth watching.

  • The Premise

The premise itself is also very unique and is a huge reason why the shows are so popular. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone force them to eat spicy food. What ensues is a series of sweats, coughs, and tears.

Not only is this entertaining to watch, but it also distracts the guests. This means they are more likely to give less scripted answers to the questions and can get vulnerable. So you get the kind of content you won't find anywhere else. The game show is just as much fun, with each round getting more and more spicy and entertaining. It has you on the edge of your seat.

  • The Guests


The Hot Ones show boasts an amazing lineup of celebrities from different fields in its whooping 19 seasons. Everyone from Lorde to Kevin Hart has been on the show. So you're bound to find someone you like in some of the episodes.

The host, Evans, is great at making celebrities feel at ease when they appear on the show. Even though the spicy wings distract the guests, getting them to open up more, Evans does not take advantage of this. Instead, he asks meaningful questions about topics that interest the guests as well. He doesn't ask intrusive questions. So it's a good time for everyone.


So now you know how much do ‘Hot Ones" guests get paid to be on the show. Even though there's no payment involved, it's a fun show to be on for both celebrities and regular people alike. It's unique and interesting, and, of course, it has a huge audience. So you get paid with publicity!

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