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With its 41st season-ending recently, the physical challenges and social maneuvering of the reality series "Survivor" have enthralled American television audiences for over 21 years now.

Typically, the food shortage is one of the most terrible parts of the CBS competition show. The standard "Survivor" diet consists of anything the participants can locate, select, or catch, which isn't often much. Like other extreme fad diets, a long-term low-calorie diet can harm your health and cause you to lose weight rapidly.

If you have ever wondered how much weight survivor contestants lose? Then, search no further! The short answer is averagely 15-20 pounds (a little more than 7kg per castaway), depending on how many reward challenges they've won and how hydrated they are. Read on to learn more!

What is 'Survivor' all about?

‘Survivor’ is a reality competition television series that airs in various nations. The show follows a group of participants who have been purposefully isolated in a remote place and must fend for themselves by providing food, water, fire, and shelter.

The competitors participate in tasks for a prize, and the chance to avoid being eliminated. The contestants are gradually removed from the game as their peers vote them out until only one contestant remains declared the "Sole Survivor" and is granted the big prize.

How much weight does the typical Survivor contestant lose?

Nothing beats the Survivor diet for dropping a few pounds, and the last session castmembers didn't disappoint, losing a total of 151kg. That equates to slightly more than 7kg per castaway. Lee-Anne can be pardoned for not losing weight because she was the first Survivor kicked off Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

What is the highest weight loss registered on Survivor?

Boston Rob Mariano dropped the heighest weight so far, shedding a massive 34 pounds due to his stay on Survivor: Winners at War.

How much weight did Taj lose on Survivor?

Taj is the only female member of the Jalapao tribe to have reached the merge on the Tocantins. She is not just the only Jalapao member who has never voted against Sandy Burginonly but also the only candidate who has voted against Joe Dowdle.

Taj remains the sole member of Jalapao, who has been voted out of Forza and a jury member. She lost a total of 28 lbs.

What causes weight loss in Survivor?

Have you ever gone without food for a whole day? The shortage of calories causes you to get weary after a time. You could feel a bit dizzy.

On Survivor, you go through these experiences repeatedly while sleeping on bamboo and spending the entire day either in the scorching sun or amid a huge thunderstorm. This is probably the cause of losing weight.

What training can you take before the survivor game to minimize weight loss?

  • Consider fasting yourself.

If you want to be on Survivor, this would probably be your first line of defense. The lack of food has been noted as an issue for the contestants on several occasions, resulting in a lack of energy and excitement. You mustn't 'bulk up' before going on Survivor; instead, limiting yourself to one meal per day for as long as two weeks before the show will go a long way in minimizing the negative consequences of drastic weight loss. For extra credit in this section, have your one meal as rice. Yes! Just rice.

  • Emotional Intelligent training 

Because it influences physical systems, stress, particularly chronic stress, can promote weight loss. Stress has an impact on the synthesis of stress hormones and the GI system, which can result in changes in appetite and metabolization. To reduce stress, a person might employ several self-help approaches.

Before going on Survivor, learn to play poker and improve your skills! Recognize when you are "on tilt" and learn to adjust your feeling by recalling previous events. Understand how to read answers to your language and vote ideas. On days when there isn't enough food or water, vividly envision what it would be like to be surprised by the tribe's decision to vote your best friend/alliance out. How would you behave?

Besides weight lose, what other dangers that can be associated with the ‘Survivor’?

Because Survivor is primarily a television show, it does not always focus on the contestants' challenges. It was definitely a part of previous seasons since they wanted to see how realistic the living circumstances were. Colleen's legs being completely damaged by bugs, the genuine fear of the Survivor: Africa players being devoured by lions.

However, as the seasons progressed, the producers' interests changed. We'd witnessed the castaways' trials and tribulations. Of course, if you keep showing the same thing to the same individuals, they will eventually tune you out.

We shifted from observing these contestants' struggles to maintaining their composure and focused on how game dynamics affected a season. Look no farther than some of the players who have been medevac-ed in the past for proof of how difficult the game can be.

In Survivor: the Australian Outback, Michael Skupin was thrown into the fire. Russell Swan and Caleb Reynolds came dangerously near to death during their respective seasons. Those were two of the most horrifying and genuine moments in the history of Survivor.


"Survivor" takes pleasure in casting individuals from many walks of life, while subtly reflecting their varied life experiences. However, it's one thing to watch the challenges and councils from the comfort of your own home, but it's quite another to compete for up to 39 days on a remote island with limited food and resources.

Competing on Survivor takes more than just a mental toll on its players _not only while on the island but also after that when attempting to return to normalcy. The mental aspect of it all is absolutely something contestants must consider when preparing for Survivor. But, this isn't the only factor to consider.

Nonetheless, it's easy to overlook the physical demands of Survivor in favor of the strategy. Still, the truth is, playing Survivor remains one of the most physically demanding games you'll ever play.

Rest assured: Survivor is indeed a tough game.

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