This is the 4800-piece Rubik's Cube that could take you a lifetime to put together

The Rubik's cube is one of those toys that tests our dexterity and mental agility. The combination of color and its mobility has made it one of the favorite games of entire generations, and it has even sparked international competitions.

Not only have competencies and challenges been created around this cube, but engineering enthusiasts have also developed their own increasingly complex and demanding cube designs, since by having a greater number of pieces, these Rubik variations could take you up to a whole life to solve them.

After the classic 3 x 3 Rubik's cube came larger cubes, and we thought that it was all over with the dodecahedron named Megaminx, with twelve sides to solve, but recently a 19-layer cube has been created that has more than 4800 pieces, which makes it the cube that someone would have to dedicate their life to to put it back together.

This cube weighs seven kilos despite having a hollow core and was made entirely on a 3D printer. It took about 100 hours to assemble it and time was saved in gluing the colored stamps, since the pieces were printed in color.

However, it can be tiring to move despite its complexity, as each layer rubs very closely and is constantly stuck. Perhaps the great thing about this cube lies in its design, since the figure itself is pleasing to the eye.

This dodecahedron is based on an earlier model called Yottaminx and is called Atlasminx. Its thousands of pieces make it spectacular but its manipulation is difficult, so for many lovers of the Rubik's cube, this is already an exaggeration, since it is impossible to develop agility skills around these overwhelming models.

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