Top 10 Reasons Why TikTok Should Be Banned

TikTok has become a global phenomenon. However, you might have come across some unfavorable comments about the app. With the app coming close to being banned in the United States back in 2020, many are concerned about whether it's dangerous or not! If you are not aware of the magnitude of its dangers, keep reading as I’m about to bring you the top 10 reasons why Tiktok should be banned!

No doubt, it's an entertaining app. But nothing is without its drawbacks, and Tiktok seems to have many issues that, if not dealt with soon, make the app worthy of being banned. For example, Tiktok is still illegal to use in India owing to being "prejudicial to the integrity and sovereignty of India." Even Amazon prohibited it for a brief period before reversing its decision.

Tiktok was launched in 2016 and currently has more than one billion users worldwide. This app should make life better for everyone as it has such a big user base. But it appears to have a number of negative impacts. In the rest of the article, I will explain why we should ban Tiktok in detail!

Top 10 Reasons Why Tiktok Should Be Banned!

As of March 2019, TikTok had over 1 billion users, making it the most popular app worldwide since its debut in September 2016. However, it has several drawbacks, as with most social media platforms.

TikTok's less appealing features may make you reconsider downloading and using the app. Here are the top ten reasons why it might be best for Tiktok to be banned for good –

1. TikTok's Privacy Issues

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TikTok's privacy policies serve as a good jumping-off point. Any free program worth downloading will require you to give up some information about yourself. According to its policy on user privacy, TikTok gathers "information you supply in the course of authoring, delivering, or receiving messages."

Yes, even if you don't send a message, TtkTok can read what you're typing in the chat window with your pals. It also wants access to your phone's model, screen resolution, operating system, phone number, location, email address, typing habits, and contacts.

Of course, none of that should matter if you only want to watch quick clips. But, no doubt, suggesting that TikTok threatens your privacy is not an exaggeration.

2. Flaws In The App's Security

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TikTok has various vulnerabilities, including privacy concerns, a lack of HTTPS security, and a treasure trove of user data, making it a tempting target for hackers. Several security firms have called attention to the app's high risk and numerous vulnerabilities.

For example, Check Point Research warned that, as of early 2020, attackers could quickly gain access to TikTok accounts and change their posted content. The study also issues alerts about vulnerable data leakage and spoofing SMS links.

Tiktok managed to fix some of these vulnerabilities in subsequent updates. But there is still a long way to go before the software can develop bulletproof security.

3. The Regulation And Moderation Of TikTok

Despite its outwardly creative mission, the app appears to impose heavy censorship on its users. In addition, it provides little guidelines or insight into the factors contributing to the content's success or failure.

The Intercept reported in March 2020 that internal TikTok documents issued to moderators encouraged them to suppress postings by users who are "ugly or poor." They also got directions to restrict posts by the disabled, promoting discrimination.

From a moral standpoint, this definitely puts TikTok in a bind. In addition, a lot of people have a problem with how TikTok handles moderation because of the company's stance on issues of discrimination and censorship on social media.

4. Potential Brain Effects Of Using TikTok

While there isn't concrete evidence linking TikTok to shorter attention spans in young individuals, especially those aged 24 or under, more research is making that connection. However, the long-term effects of exposing young, still-developing human brains to nonstop short-form entertainment remain unclear.

Research has shown that using the short-video app TikTok for over 90 minutes daily can lead to a decline in attention span. Of course, using brain-damaging applications is never a brilliant idea, but this is especially pressing for the young people who use TikTok. Sixty percent of users are younger than twenty-four, an age at which cognitive abilities are still developing.

5. Trending Dangerous Challenges

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While spreading harmful viral challenges is not unique to TikTok, the app is not without responsibility for the safety of its users. The "penny challenge" is only one example of a viral fad that has the potential to harm a large number of young people and spread quickly.

Although the platform makes an effort to remove inappropriate posts that violate the rules, it is not always practical. Although we cannot hold TikTok liable for its users' acts, it still serves as an incubator for potentially harmful challenges.

6. TikTok Encourages "Cancel Culture"

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Cancel Culture is a catchphrase for someone who gets banished for doing something wrong. Of course, there's room for debate, but this culture is an unfair trend that is now extremely popular on social media platforms. Moreover, the “cancel culture'' can be a costly pay for small wrongdoings outside of scarce circumstances.

Cancel culture has a strong foothold on the video-sharing platform TikTok. TikTok is eager to "cancel" celebrities when they make a significant error. On the plus side, this trend may encourage responsibility, which is excellent for change.

TikTok's cancel culture, on the other hand, unfairly promotes hostility towards an individual. Even death threats are not uncommon in the cancel culture.

7. TikTok Features Inappropriate Content

Especially for its younger audience, this is a severe drawback of TikTok. Recent surveys have found that 32.5 percent of TikTok's users are under 19. They are a relatively young demographic of consumers. Unfortunately, there is certain material on TikTok that is not appropriate for someone of that age.

TikTok does have parental restrictions. However, the TikTok authorities rarely use them! And this leaves young people with a platform that highlights and promotes inappropriate content for them to watch.

8. TikTok Promotes Unhealthy Eating Habits

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When it comes to people who struggle with eating disorders, TikTok has had a significant impact for the worse. Many videos on TikTok, from the seemingly innocent "What I Eat in a Day" to subtle body-checking, contain material that may be uncomfortable for some users. In addition, the app has received harsh criticism for promoting and glamorizing unhealthy eating patterns.

TikTok's "for you page" model also takes note of your unhealthy video consumption and offers similar content to you. By watching a handful of videos, you can replace your entire "for you" page with such video content. Eventually, you'll get nothing but suggestions for those videos. For individuals already suffering from disabilities, this is a nasty effect of TikTok.

9. Teens Being Target Of Sexual Offenders

TikTok still has a problem with sexual predators approaching young people, despite the platform's best efforts to address the issue. While the platform's target demographic is young people, it is not uncommon to have users of all ages actively participating.

However, problems arise when these adults communicate sexually explicit content to minors. Sometimes, even younger children who have no business using the app may face such issues due to lack of supervision. As a result, many parents have needed to contact authorities about their children's exposure to sexual predators.

10. A Common Platform For Bullying

It's unbelievable how many cruel, mean, and vicious comments you'll find on TikTok. TikTok has more bullying and harassment than any other app. Name-calling, slurring, body-shaming are extremely common on the platform and have made everything seem mundane in comparison.

This is, of course, one of the main drawbacks of TikTok and is a prime example of cyberbullying. In addition, victims of cyberbullying frequently suffer severe psychological harm. The psychological and emotional impacts of cyberbullying include feelings of despair, rage, loneliness, and overwhelming stress.


TikTok has just become the most popular social networking app. But does that make it a good application you should continue to use? If you have doubts, I have brought you the top 10 reasons why TikTok should be banned! I hope this article can help you understand the app's negative impacts on our lives and society and convince you to stop using it. Thanks for reading up till now.

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