Top 10 Smartest People Known to Man Rated by IQ

Evidently, "intelligence" is a concept that needs relativity. To begin with, we would have to reflect on the criteria that define this concept, which in turn are closely linked to the cultural map and the psychosocial patterns from which we understand our immediate reality. And since these criteria are inevitably subjective, then we could say that intelligence is, to some extent, an arbitrary concept.
According to the Intellectual Quotient scale, 50% of the world population oscillates around 90 and 110 points, while only 2.5% exceeds 120, and only 0.5% reaches the border of 140. F
Following is the list that has no hierarchy, it is simply a horizontal selection:

Stephen Hawking (160)

Stephen Hawking IQ Range

The popular physicist and author of seven best-selling books, not only has an IQ of 160, but has received more than 14 prestigious awards for his academic and research merits

Paul Allen (170)

paul allen intelligence test

Co-founder of Microsoft, Allen preferred to leave Gates in the spotlight and with most of the cake and dedicated himself to founding innovative projects and organizations (among them Dance Safe, and SETI ). With more than $ 14 billion in his account and an IQ of 170, Allen has a privileged place on this list.

Kim Ung-Yong (210)

kimg ung yung intelligence

The term "prodigy boy" was rarely used better than in the case of Ung-Yong: at the age of two, he mastered four languages, at four, he was already at university, and at eight NASA employed him. With 210 IQ points, he is the Guinness record holder with the highest Intellectual Quotient despite not being (Guinness stuff).

Garry Kasparov (192)

chess champion IQ

The youngest world chess champion, winning the title at the age of 20, Kasparov has an IQ of 192.

Rick Rosner (192)

rick rosners iq

Undoubtedly the most peculiar of the list, this television screenwriter has an IQ of 192, but among his past jobs include that of stripper, waiter, and porter.

Sir Andrew Wiles (170)

professional mathemtician iq

One of the most prestigious mathematicians on the planet, he took advantage of his 170 IQ points to solve the "Fermat Last Theorem ," considered as the most complex mathematical problem in history (which caused a headache for 358 years for hundreds of scientists who tried to solve it.).

Judit Polgar (170)

is judith polger smart

The only female representative in this ranking, Polgar won the famous Bobby Fisher in chess, with only 15 years old. Her IQ is 170.

Terence Tao (230)

terence tao IQ
At the age of two, he was already in basic mathematics, at nine, he was already at university, and at 20 he was graduating as a doctor of physics at Princeton. It boasts a spectacular IQ score of 230.

James Woods (180)

James woods intelligent actors
With 180 IQ, Woods dismissed the academic world to play as a Hollywood actor and participate in films such as Casino (1994), Nixon (1995), and Chaplin (1992).

Christopher Hirata (225)

Smartest Asian Man
Another prodigy boy. At the age of 14, he was already pursuing his career at Caltech, while at 16, he was already a renowned researcher at NASA, and at 22, he received his doctorate in astrophysics from Princeton University.

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