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If you are familiar with the YouTube show Brewstew, you may be wondering- what ever happened to Michael from Brewster? Many fans are anxious to know where Michael is at presently, and rightfully so. In fact, the growing community of Brewstew watchers has become fond of Michael in a way that the showrunners didn’t see coming.

There is no specified answer to what happened to Michael from Brewstew. The showrunner Tyler Rudolph is yet to make an official statement. Fans argue that Michael probably moved away and went on separate paths later in life. Other sources say that he passed away.

Although there is no confirmation on either story, this could be a good thing. That means fans can still hope for an update on the whereabouts of Michael. With so many speculations circulating on different forums on the internet, it is natural for fans to hope for a reunion. This calls for diving deep into knowing more about Michael from Brewstew. So let’s get into it.

Who Is Michael From Brewstew?

Michael, also known as Tomhawk, is one of the secondary main characters in the animated YouTube show Brewstew. He was a sporadic character in the life of Tyler Rudolph, who is the owner of Brewstew Films and popularly runs the show on YouTube.

According to the sources of Wiki Fandom, Michael is one of the two deuteragonists of the show Brewstew. This show is based on the childhood events and stories of Tyler Rudolph. That makes all the characters and the stories real. Although some of it may be comically exaggerated, yet, people quickly became fond of the show because they could easily relate to it.

Michael is one of Tyler's neighbors. He is described as a silly and foolish character in the show. Fans quickly became fond of Michael because of the comical role that often makes him annoying to others. For his weird mannerism, he often gets bullied by other kids in the neighborhood. One of his famously known traits is crying too much to annoy Tyler.

Although Michael comes off as a comedic relief and a laughable character to watch, the background story can be quite grim. As we see across many episodes in the show, Michael has a stepdad who can be abusive towards him. There is a running joke on the show of the stepdad spanking him due to the passive nature of their relationship.

Overall, Michael is one of the key characters of Brewstew who have made a significant impact on the fandom. He is a recurring figure in the childhood stories of Tyler. Michael seems to have been absent in the adult life of Tyler. This has created a widespread query and speculation about what happened to Michael in the later years.

What We Know About Michael So Far

The Brewstew account on Reddit, which is managed by Tyler Rudolph, shares that he has not spoken to Michael since they were kids. Making it obvious that Michel and Tyler went their separate ways since their childhood years.

As we already know, Michael is seen throughout many occasions and stories of Tyler’s childhood. During the stories of Tyler’s adult years, Michael is not seen to be around. This has created a large majority of the Brewstew fandom to wonder where Michael has been since their early years together.

The growing queries of Brewstew fans made the supporters of Michael come together on many platforms including Twitter and Reddit. As they searched for information regarding Michael, no official sources were found. However, on the Reddit community of Brewstew, one fan contacted the channel directly to know what happened to Michael.

In response to the queries, the Brewstew account on Reddit shares that Tyler and Michael have not talked since they were kids. However, Tyler is friends with Michael on social media for what it’s worth. However, it is most likely that Michael has no idea of Brewstew or its growing community. Tyler states that it is probably for the best that he has no idea about the show.
This sums up that Michael and Tyler did not in fact carry on together as they did in their childhood. For unspecified reasons, they fell off and went on their separate paths in life. As a result, we do not get to see Michael as many fans would prefer in the grown-up years of Tyler.

From the “Being Broke” episode of Brewstew, this situation can become more understandable to the fans. In this episode, Tyler shares that since he was 17 years old, he has been living on his own. His journey of living by himself may have led him to go on a separate track. Ultimately, the duo fell off as time went on.

Why Michael May Not Be Returning To Brewstew Anytime Soon

According to some sources, Michael is not seen in the later years of Tyler’s life because he passed away. The cause of his death was reported to be an accident where he got hit by a rock at a park. But this has not been officially confirmed. So, he still might come back.

The disappearance of Michael from Tyler’s stories has been a subject of mystery and concern to the growing fans. The mystery kept on growing as there was no official confirmation or clarification about Michael’s whereabouts. On top of this growing curiosity, some sources on the internet came forward with the news of Michael from Brewstew passing away.

According to the articles of TV Guide Time and Celebseek and other sources as of June 2022, Michael has passed away due to an accident. The cause of his death is said to be because of getting hit by a rock at a park. More details on how the accident happened, where he was staying, and so on are yet to be unveiled.

From these sources, Michael was born on 18th September 1990, in Ohio, United States. This makes him 31 years old during his accident. Although many sources on the internet comply with the news of Michael passing away, there has not been any official confirmation. Brewstew did not make any statement confirming this event.

So, it is safe to say that fans can still hope for the best for Michael. While it is possible that Michael could have gone through a rough patch, he could still be doing all right.

Latest Updates Of Michael From Brewstew

Michael has been absent in the later years of Tyler. However, Michael was seen in a recent video of Brewstew, posted on October 11, 2022.

Amid the growing concerns of the Brewstew fanbase, there have been advancements in the presence of Michael. He was seen in the recent video of Brewstew titled “Riding Bikes ... According To Michael”. The video covers the perspective of Michael on the bike riding story. So far this has been the latest update from Michael from Brewstew.

This appearance of Michael again on Brewstew leaves room for fans to hope for a reunion. It also clears up a lot of blurred lines regarding Michael’s demise. Fans can hold on to a more positive note that Michael is still doing okay as Brewstew continues his story. As a result, we can hope that more content regarding Michael is yet to come on the channel.


So, to sum up the growing question of what ever happened to Michael from Brewstew, there is no confirmed answer. Based on the appearance of Michael yet again on the Brewstew show, we can hope that Michael is doing well.
It is safe to assume that he will continue to appear on the show in the coming days.

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