Why was the TV Show ‘My Strange Addiction' Cancelled? | Has TLC Gone Too Far?

My Strange Addiction is a popular TLC show that tells the stories of individuals who have an unhealthy obsession with something like baby oil, vacuums or eating one's own hair. It's been on the air since 2011 and has profiled more than 100 people over its run time. The show has received praise from mental health experts who say it helps raise awareness about disorders like BDD/NOS (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

However, many viewers claim that this show sensationalizes mental health disorders for ratings – including Danielle Kinley who appeared on two episodes of My Strange Addiction before abruptly quitting because she felt exploited by producers who had no business telling her story in such an intimate way without payment being made beforehand.

My Strange Addiction is a reality television show that follows people with strange addictions and obsessions, from eating toilet paper to drinking paint. The series has been cancelled twice so far, but it seems like it could get another chance at life if its ratings improve again. So why was 'My Strange Addiction' cancelled?

Why Was The TV Show ‘My Strange Addiction' Cancelled?

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There are a few reasons why the show was cancelled. The first one is that it didn't have the rating success that they were looking for. It had been renewed after its first season, but then ratings declined during its second season and then it was cancelled after six seasons. The series follows three different people who have unusual addictions—one man smokes cigarettes as a substitute for heroin, another keeps pet snakes (including venomous snakes) inside his home and another dresses up as an inflatable doll in public places around the world

My Strange Addiction's first season had respectable ratings at 5 million viewers per episode but by the middle of its second season things started going downhill fast: only 3 million viewers tuned into each episode during that time period; there were no more episodes produced after that point until now when we'll finally see what happened next!

The Show Seemed Too Bizarre And Controversial To Survive

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You may be wondering why this show was cancelled. The answer is simple: it was too bizarre and controversial to survive

The show's creator, David Lynch, is known for making unconventional shows like Twin Peaks (1990-1991) and Mulholland Drive (2001). However, even he admitted that he couldn't predict how successful the show would be with audiences because it didn't follow any norms of television programming at all. In fact, some critics called it "a surrealist nightmare."

It was also controversial because of its content. The show was very graphic in its depictions of violence and sex, which made some people uncomfortable. In addition, there were many fans who thought that the show didn't represent their experiences as black women in America today.

But despite these criticisms, My Strange Addiction was a hit with audiences. In fact, it was so popular that it earned an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Reality Program. The show's creators wanted to do something different from other reality shows on television, and they did just that.

The Show Had Some Strange Obsessions And Addictions, From Drinking Paint To Eating Toilet Paper

You might have watched the TV show and been fascinated by its odd obsessions and addictions. The show followed people with unusual compulsive behaviors, from drinking paint to eating toilet paper.

It Was Deemed Too Dangerous For Children To Watch

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled because it was deemed too dangerous for children to watch. In a statement released by Discovery Channel, they said: “Due to legal requirements and public concerns over exposing young viewers to potentially harmful behaviors displayed on some television channels, we have decided not to continue with any further episodes of 'My Strange Addiction.’

The Show Has Been Criticized For Its Exploitative And Sensationalizing Portrayal Of Mental Health Disorders

Many people claim that My Strange Addiction is exploitative and sensationalizes mental health disorders for ratings. Some viewers feel that the show glamorizes those who suffer from these conditions, while others argue that it doesn't depict them accurately at all. Some viewers also feel like they are being taken advantage of when watching this program because they are given false hopes about being able to change their lives by following certain methods onscreen or in person with a therapist who has never worked with someone like you before!

The Show Profiled People With Strange Addictions

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The show profiled people with strange addictions, such as baby oil and vacuums. Each episode followed a different subject and had them explain their obsession to the host. In one episode, for example, a man named Eric talked about his love for hair—he would eat it from his head or use it as “lubricant” during sex. Another episode featured a woman obsessed with eating her hair (that's right: she literally ate it). The show also featured celebrities like Vince Neil and Tara Reid discussing their bizarre behaviors on camera.

Mental health experts say the show was irresponsible and exploitative, taking advantage of people's weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Exploitative: to take advantage of someone's weaknesses or vulnerabilities; especially:

1) To use material possessions (especially in a way that makes them appear greater than they are)

2) To exploit data sets for profit or other personal gains.

The Series Follows People With Unusual Compulsive Behaviors

The series follows people with unusual compulsive behaviors. It follows characters who suffer from strange addictions, such as gambling and eating disorders.

In addition to these topics, it also explores other kinds of obsessions and fixations—such as compulsive hoarding or germ phobia—and how they affect people's lives.

The show's premise is intriguing, but its execution leaves much to be desired. The episodes are mostly divided into two parts: the first part focuses on an individual and his or her addiction; the second part deals with how this person copes with their compulsion.

It's Hard To Say Why The Show Was Cancelled, But Ratings Are Often A Huge Factor In Whether Or Not A Tv Show Gets Renewed

Ratings are often a huge factor in whether or not a tv show gets renewed, but it's also possible that other factors were at play. It's true that there's no one reason why shows get cancelled—in fact, there are many different reasons behind their end dates—but from what we can tell by looking at past shows' rating histories, the most common reasons for cancellation include:

1. Not making enough money on its first season

2. Having poor ratings during its first season

As we mentioned above, the reason why most television shows get cancelled is that they don't make enough money in their first season. If a show doesn't make enough money in its first season, it's likely that it won't be picked up for a second season.

The Future Of My Strange Addiction Is Uncertain

The future of My Strange Addiction is uncertain. TLC has not announced a reason for the cancellation of My Strange Addiction, and its official website still lists it as "Coming Soon."

The show seemed too bizarre and controversial to survive in today's media landscape, where reality TV shows are increasingly scrutinized for their exploitation of people with mental health issues and addiction problems. The show had some strange obsessions and addictions, from drinking paint to eating toilet paper (yes).

The Program Was A Rating Success For TLC During Its First Four Seasons

The show was a rating success for TLC during its first four seasons, averaging 2.8 million viewers per episode. It also received positive reviews from critics and won several awards. However, the network decided to cancel the show when it became clear that the viewership numbers had dropped off significantly since its last season in 2011. The decision to axe "Strange Addiction" was made by NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment president Bonnie Hammer, who has been quoted as saying: "I think we're going over time with this one."

The ratings are important to TLC because they're a major factor in whether or not their shows get renewed and ultimately cancelled. If an episode doesn't perform well, then it's very likely that the network will pull funding from it because there's no financial incentive for them to continue airing something viewers aren't watching

The Show Was Renewed After Its Second Season, But Ratings Declined During The Third Season

The show was renewed after its second season, but ratings declined during the third season. The decline in viewership is not the only reason why a show is cancelled; it could also be because of changes to your schedule or other factors that affect ratings.

Rating decline can be a factor in deciding whether or not to renew a show if they've been declining for several seasons in a row and you think they'll continue doing so without any intervention from advertisers.

For example, let's say your favourite show is "My Strange Addiction." It's been on the air for three seasons and has consistently brought in viewers. However, as with most other shows out there today, its ratings have declined over time due to changes in schedules or other factors that affect ratings.

TLC Has Not Announced A Reason For The Cancellation Of My Strange Addiction

TLC has not announced a reason for the cancellation of My Strange Addiction. The show was a rating success and was renewed after its second season, but it was cancelled after its sixth season. The sixth season aired in 2015 and did not return for another season.

It's unclear whether TLC will continue to air episodes on their website and Amazon Prime Video, or if they've simply given up because no one is watching anymore. Whatever happens next with the show, fans of My Strange Addiction can rest assured knowing that their favorite show wasn't cancelled due to poor ratings - it was actually quite successful.

TLC's Official Website Still Lists My Strange Addiction As "Coming Soon"

The show was cancelled in 2015, but you can still find it listed on TLC's official website. The site lists My Strange Addiction as "Coming Soon". But there is no sign of any updates or progress in updating the page to reflect this. In fact, it appears that they have never updated their website at all since the show was cancelled! The show is not listed on the TLC website, but it is still listed as coming soon. The website has not been updated since it was cancelled in 2016.


It followed individuals who had an unhealthy obsession with something like baby oil, a vacuum cleaner or eating one's own hair. Mental health experts say the show was irresponsible and exploitative when it came to portraying these conditions as something amusing rather than serious problems requiring help from professionals.

While it's difficult to say why TLC decided to cancel My Strange Addiction, it is clear that the show was too strange and controversial for many viewers. It's possible that TLC might announce a new show soon—after all, it has done so before—but for now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens with this one.

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