15 Crazy Kitchen Hacks That You Won't Believe They Work

Do you find that you waste a lot of precious time in the kitchen doing things that could be simpler? Or you've noticed that you have a real passion for cooking, but don't enjoy some of the smallest details that it takes to complete a single dish.

What's the newest recipe you've wanted to try? Did you just purchase the latest kitchen gadget and are waiting to use it? Settle down, settle down, we are going to give you 15 crazy kitchen hacks that are going to put you and your new gadgets to work.

Hang on to your chef's hats because these cooking hacks are going to change the way you work in the kitchen.

Crazy Kitchen Hacks 

Okay, maybe every single kitchen hack on our list isn't going to be profound, but they are going to help you save time. These hacks are not only going to make things easier, but they're going to bring new meaning to working smarter instead of harder.

1. Cook Bacon in the Oven

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the bacon you get from a restaurant is perfectly crispy and evenly cooked all around? Then you went home and attempted to make the same kind of back, and it was an ultimate fail.

The way that restaurants can make such great bacon is because most of them cook the bacon in the oven. You ready that right, cook your bacon in the oven at about 400-425 degrees, and enjoy your perfectly cooked bacon.

2. Cut Cherry Tomatoes at the Same Time

Cherry tomatoes are such a sweet tomato that can add extra flavor to a salad or Italian dish. However, cutting them one at a time can be extremely irritating because the tomatoes are small in size and can be soft.

If you have 2 lids, you can make cutting cherry tomatoes easier and quicker. Simply take the cherry tomatoes and place them between the 2 lids. Then holding the lids so that the tomatoes can't move, take a knife and slice your tomatoes through the middle.

img source: https://www.theslowroasteditalian.com/

You'll get even cuts on multiple tomatoes at the same time.

3. Use Orange Peels as Candles

Typically, after you eat an orange, the peel goes straight into the trashcan. But, not anymore use your orange peels to make citrus-scented candles for use around your home.

Slice your orange in half, avoiding the part where the stem once was because that part will be used as the wick for your candle. Remove the meet of your orange and then fill the peel with an oil such as olive oil.

After pouring the oil into the orange halve, use a lighter and light the wick, which is your orange stem.


4. Use Cookie Cutters As Pancake Shapers

Sometimes children need some extra encouragement when it comes to eating their food. And what better way to encourage them to eat their food than to using cookie cutters to make fun pancake shapes.

All you've got to do is spray your pan with a non-stick spray. Then place the batter on in the pan and pour your batter into it. You can also use the cookie cutters to make fun shaped eggs as well.

5. Keep Guacamole from Turning Brown

When guacamole is exposed to oxygen, it will begin to turn brown. You can stop the browning from happening by placing your avocado in a container and add a small amount of water to the top of the container.

The water will become a barrier protecting the avocado from oxygen, and when you're ready to eat it, pour off the excess water.


6. Soften Your Butter

At times we get so excited to bake that we forget the butter has to be softened before it can be added to the batter. Or you need the butter for dinner rolls and take it straight out of the refrigerator, and it's as hard as a rock.

The way to soften your butter is simple, take a small glass and warm it up. After you've warmed the glass, place it over the butter. The warmth from the glass will help to soften your butter quickly.

7. Get Eggshells Out Of Eggs

Cracking eggs can be challenging for some that haven't figured out how to keep the eggshells out of the bowl. You put your finger in the bowl and try to pick out the eggshell, but you can't seem to get it.

All you need to do is wet your fingertip and try again. Then voila no more eggshells in your eggs.

8. Cut Corn off the Cob

Corn is such a delusions side to add to any dinner, but not everybody enjoys eating the corn straight off of the cob. Cutting the corn off of the cob can be difficult, especially when you're trying to ensure that you get all of the corn off.

There's a simple way to get the corn off the cob without sacrificing any of your fingers. Take a small Bundt pan and place the corn in the hole located in the middle of the pan. 

Then cut all of the corn off the sides, as you cut the corn will fall into the surrounding pan.

9. Peel Garlic Quickly

Garlic is an essential herb in many tasty dishes, but peeling garlic can take a lot of time that you don't have. There's a much easier way to peel garlic without using your hands and a knife.

Take a cup that has a lid and place the garlic inside of the cup. After you seal the cup, shake it for a couple of seconds. As you shake it, you will notice that the outer layers of the garlic begin to come off in no time.

10. Keep Cookies Moist

Cookies can be incredibly delicious except for the next day when they've begun to harden. There's an easy solution that will help keep your cookies as moist as the first day you baked them.

When you store your cookies in a container, place an apple wedge in the container with the cookies, it may sound strange. Still, the cookies will draw the moisture from the apple wedge, therefore, keeping the cookies moist.

If you're going to store the cookies for a long time, ensure that you switch the apple wedge out every so often.

11. Shuck Corn 

To shuck corn more efficiently, place the corn down on a cutting board. Then taking a sharp knife cut off both ends of the corn. When you've done this, you can set the corn upright on one of the chopped ends and quickly pull off the corn husk.

You'll find that cutting off the ends helped the husk to come off easier.

12. Keep Brown Sugar Soft

As time goes on, brown sugar can become hard and compact. When it becomes hard, it can make it difficult to scoop out the right amount for any baking recipe.

To keep your brown sugar from hardening while it is stored, place a piece of bread in the jar with the sugar. The piece of bread will keep the sugar from drying out.

13. Use a Can Opener to Unscrew a Lid

Lids can be challenging to remove when they've been screwed on too tightly. There is a way to use a can opener to remove the lid from a jar without overexerting your energy.

Place the bottle opener under the brim of the lid of the jar and then start to lift. Continue to lift the bottle opener until you hear the jar pop.

Once you've heard the jar pop, you can now unscrew the life easily.

13. Put Frozen Fruit in Ice Cubes

Water is necessary for our bodies to continue to function properly, but drinking plain water can get boring. There is a way to spice up your drink by placing ice cubes filled with fruit into the water.

Choose any fruit you would like that it is small and put them into an ice tray. Then fill the ice tray with water and place it back in the freezer to harden. When your ready to use one pop or put off the ice mold and put it in your drink.

14. Use Dental Floss to Cut Cakes

Cutting cakes and bread is challenging to do when you don't have a pastry cutter. But, with this kitchen hack, you won't need to purchase a pastry cutter.

All you need is some dental floss. When you're ready to cut your pastry, place the dental floss around the area that you want to cut.

Then cross the dental floss and pull in the opposite direction. It will help to cut even pieces every time.

Source: https://geauganews.com/the-5-best-food-hacks-youve-never-heard-of/

15. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are a delicious treat on any hot day. However, making sure each sandwich has the same amount of ice cream isn't easy and can be sticky.

Instead of scooping the ice cream out of the tub and onto the cookies, turn the ice cream tub on its side. Them taking a sharp knife cut the tub into even pieces.

Once you've cut the tub, place the ice-cream circle in between the cookies, and peel the tub pieces off.

All Hacked Out

All of these crazy kitchen hacks are for the people that want tool cook but wish things could be a little bit simpler. We hope that the hacks we've provided will not only make cooking easier but also fun.

If you want to check out more content about cooking, check some of our other blog posts right now.

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