How to clean off burnt baking pans

It's time to wash the dishes! However, you find yourself dreading this moment in particular, knowing full well that the heavily burnt pans or oven baking sheet await you. And given its condition, you know that a little sponge and washing-up liquid will not be sufficient to decrease. Between the gratin or cake drips that have had plenty of time to burn and the splashes when cooking the chicken, you will need the best of the best products to scour the dirt. Here are our top tips for cleaning heavily soiled and fouled baking sheets with the right household products.

Tips to Quickly Put an End to This Chore

DIY home hack to clean off burn sheets baking
To properly clean and strip heavily burnt baking sheets, remember to clean when the oven is still a little hot. This will help easily degrease burnt dirt. Ideally, remember to clean your ovens after each use with a little vinegar, soapy water, clay, or lemon juice! Wiping the baking sheet, panes, pan, sides, and rack with a sponge without delay will be better than having to strip everything with a scraper or with a ball of aluminum foil, because you've waited too long.

Black Soap

Apply pure black soap to the still hot (but not hot) plate using a damp sponge or cloth. Then rub and rinse thoroughly. If the plate is very dirty with burnt residue's stubborn stains, do not hesitate to leave on for 15 minutes to a whole night before rubbing, rinsing with hot water, and drying the plate.

Baking Soda, a Mild Abrasive for Cleaning Heavily Soiled Baking Sheets

Sprinkle your baking soda on the still warm baking sheet and rub with a damp sponge. This will help loosen dirt thanks to its abrasive action. It will also help eliminate bad burning odors in your home appliance. In the case of large stains of encrusted fat, you can also make a paste by mixing this powder with water. Spread everything on the baking sheets (and on the stove burners, while you're ready). Then leave on overnight before rinsing off with hot water and rubbing. You can do the same with wood ashes!

Sodium Bicarbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide 

To use this cleaning agent:
⦁ Start by sprinkling baking soda directly on the dirt.
⦁ Spray hydrogen peroxide over it and cover it with a new layer of baking soda.
⦁ Leave to act for at least two hours before wiping with a soft cloth. You can also more simply make a paste with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and washing up liquid to let it act for several hours.
No stain resists it.

Coarse Salt and White Vinegar, the Combination of Shock

In a glass, mix the same amount of coarse salt and white vinegar. Then use a sponge soaked in this mixture to rub the still hot plate. Then leave on for a good 15 minutes before rubbing and rinsing. Whether on a burnt dish, the back of a pan, or heavily soiled baking sheets, this trick works wonders!

The Bicarbonate, Percarbonate, and Vinegar Mixture When Nothing Was Enough to Clean Very Dirty Baking Sheets

Usually, the previous mixes are sure to clean your baking sheets! If however, this is not the case, go further with this technique. To begin with, start by sprinkling baking soda liberally on the hot, cooked grease spots. Then dilute a tablespoon of percarbonate in a glass and a half of hot water and spray everything on the baking sheet. Then, use another spray to spray over a mixture made before one dose of vinegar for two water doses. Then let your homemade stripper do all the cleaning work in an hour or two of application. You will only have to rub the fatty deposits with a scraper, a brush, or an abrasive sponge!

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