How Long Do Avocados Typically Last and How To Preserve Avocados Long Term?

Our beloved fruit the avocado is available year-round and a delicious addition to just about anything! From salads and burgers, to our favorite party time appetizer guacamole.

When out at your local farmers market, looking for the perfectly ripe avocado is all about appearance and texture .You want an avocado with a firm dark skin and no soft spots. Once you found the perfect one and you're ready to enjoy. You can follow these simple kitchen tricks in order to get the maximum amount of shelf life from your avocados

🥑What if my Avocados Aren't Ripe Enough?

We've all had that horrible mishap of wanting to enjoy an avocado same day, but unfortunately our local produce didn't have any ripe avocados. One effective solution is to store your avocados in a brown paper bag. A brown paper bag traps the hormone emitted by the fruit known as ethylene which is a gas that allows fruit to ripen. This method can cut down your ripening process by 1-3 days An avocado typically takes 1-7 days to fully ripen when stored at room temperature

🥑How Do I Preserve my Avocados Long Term?

If you have a fully ripe avocado and you don't want to eat it right away you can store them in the refrigerator. This will keep them fresh for about 3-5 days

🥑What If I Want to Preserve only Half an Avocado?

Cutting an avocado in half will drastically reduce an avocados shelf life by 1-2 days! A simple kitchen trick is to add a squeeze of lime or lemon to the exposed half and store it in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Another cool kitchen hack that will maximize the shelf life of your avocado is to get yourself one of these  Silicone Avocado Savers! The MOST EFFECTIVE way to preserve your avocados Now 50% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING

🥑Freeze Them Bad Boys!

Unlike some fruits and vegetables avocados freeze very well! But require a little  extra preparation. if you were to  Wash, peel and then mash the avocados. Add to the avocados 1/2 tablespoon of lemon/lime juice for every avocado used to prevent browning. Place the avocados in  airtight containers or freezer bags and can be used within a span 6 months!



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