Ancient Coins of the Desert

If you are part of a group that likes to collect coins from different places, you know how organization and maintenance are fundamental. However, it is worth mentioning that if the coins are very rare, valuable, and collectible - that you intend to exchange or sell- the ideal is not to wash them, as they lose their value. Our tip is to clean only the old coins that are not so valuable that you intend to keep forever - so you can keep the collection always impeccable. To help you on this mission, we have separated tips on how to clean old coins using the right cleaning products. Check out!

Tips on how to clean old coins without damaging them

Pile of Ancient coins
To clean old coins without damaging them, the main tip is to use more neutral cleaning products, which cannot corrode the coins' metal or take their shine off in the long run. Check out our step by step to not make mistakes:

Leave the coins under running water

gold coins in water
To start, hold the coins by the edges and leave them under running water to remove the bulk of the dirt. If they are not very dirty, it is possible that just this cleaning is sufficient. Scrub gently with an old toothbrush and, if the dirt comes off completely, just dry the coins well on a clean cloth and put them away.

Soak them in a bowl with white vinegar and rub them

classic vinegar rustic
To clean the coins more carefully, fill a bowl with a little white vinegar, and then immerse them in the solution. Wait for about 1 hour, and then use an old toothbrush to remove the most impregnated dirt. If the stains do not come out completely, leave the coins for a few more hours in the vinegar and rub them again until they are clean.

Rinse the coins, dry them and store them again at the collection site

old coins in a sack
After cleaning the coins with vinegar, just rinse them under running water (holding by the edges) and use the toothbrush to scrub some more. Then dry them thoroughly using a clean cloth and then store them in a suitcase or place away from moisture. Ready!

If necessary, use a little baking soda or mild soap

coin cleaning methods
Another interesting option to remove stains and dirt from old coins is to rinse them with warm water, apply a little baking soda, and then use an old toothbrush to scrub. You can also use a little soap or mild soap, rubbing with the brush, to clean without running the risk of corroding the metal.

Note: Avoid using kitchen detergent, as the product can be somewhat strong and corrosive to the metal when used in the long term.

Avoid abrasive products or rub the coins with steel wool

shiny penny collection
Some products should be avoided as much as possible when washing coins, such as alcohol or bleach and other abrasive products that tend to corrode the metal a lot. Also, don't use steel wool or any rough surface to rub the coins - just stick to the brushes with softer bristles, okay?

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