Understanding DoorDash Ratings: Do 1-Star Ratings Disappear Over Time?

In the competitive world of food delivery services, customer ratings play a crucial role in shaping a restaurant's reputation and influencing consumer decisions. For delivery platforms like DoorDash, customer feedback is vital in maintaining service quality and fostering trust among users. However, there are often questions surrounding the permanence of low ratings. In this article, we will explore the dynamics of DoorDash ratings and investigate whether 1-star ratings eventually go away or if they have lasting consequences for restaurants and delivery drivers.

The Importance of Ratings on DoorDash

DoorDash, like other food delivery platforms, relies on customer ratings to evaluate the performance of restaurants and delivery drivers. Ratings help users make informed choices, allowing them to assess the quality of a restaurant's service and food before placing an order. For drivers, ratings can impact their opportunities to receive orders and earn incentives.

The DoorDash Rating System

DoorDash employs a rating system that allows customers to rate their overall experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. After each delivery, customers are prompted to rate their experience, and the average rating is calculated based on all past ratings received.

Do 1-Star Ratings Disappear?

One common question is whether 1-star ratings eventually disappear from a restaurant's or driver's record. The short answer is yes, but with specific conditions. DoorDash considers the last 100 ratings received by a restaurant or driver when calculating their overall rating. As new ratings come in, older ratings drop out of the calculation. Therefore, a 1-star rating will eventually fall out of the 100-rating window and no longer directly impact the average rating.

The Impact of 1-Star Ratings

Although 1-star ratings may not have a permanent effect on a restaurant or driver's overall rating, they can still carry significant consequences. Low ratings, especially for drivers, may lead to a decrease in order opportunities, as customers may prefer to be served by higher-rated drivers. Similarly, restaurants with consistently low ratings may see a decline in customer orders and may even face delisting from the platform if their performance does not meet DoorDash's standards.

Improving Ratings and Quality

For both restaurants and drivers, consistently providing excellent service is essential for maintaining high ratings and a positive reputation on DoorDash. Timely deliveries, accuracy, courteousness, and quality food are factors that can contribute to positive reviews and higher ratings.

Addressing Unfair Ratings

DoorDash recognizes that some ratings may be unfair or unfounded, and they provide mechanisms for drivers and restaurants to dispute unjust ratings. Drivers can contact DoorDash support and provide relevant information to challenge ratings that were beyond their control, such as delivery address issues. Similarly, restaurants can communicate with DoorDash support to address concerns about incorrect ratings.


Customer ratings play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of restaurants and drivers on DoorDash. While 1-star ratings may eventually drop out of the calculation window, they can still impact a business's immediate performance and opportunities on the platform. To maintain a positive image and receive favorable reviews, restaurants and drivers should prioritize providing top-notch service and addressing customer concerns promptly.

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