How Does Marshmello See in His Helmet? | Here's our Theories

The enigmatic DJ and electronic music producer known as Marshmello has captivated audiences worldwide not only with his catchy tunes but also with his signature helmet. The helmet, a marshmallow-like mask with X-shaped eyes, has become an iconic part of his persona. But have you ever wondered, how does Marshmello actually see inside that helmet? In this article, we'll delve into the technology and design that enables Marshmello to perform flawlessly on stage while wearing his distinctive headgear.

The Visual Element

One of the most distinctive features of Marshmello's helmet is the pair of X-shaped eyes that light up during his performances. These lights not only contribute to the DJ's unique aesthetic but also serve a functional purpose by allowing him to see the crowd and the equipment in front of him. To achieve this, a combination of advanced LED technology, cameras, and screens is used.

Camera Setup

image source: VRscout

Inside the helmet, there are strategically placed cameras that capture the view from Marshmello's perspective. These cameras are typically situated at eye level and provide a live feed to the interior of the helmet. The placement of these cameras is crucial to ensure that Marshmello can see clearly without any obstructions.

Display Screens

image source: facebook

The captured video feed from the cameras is then displayed on internal screens that are positioned in front of Marshmello's eyes. These screens are designed to blend seamlessly with the helmet's design, and they allow him to see the audience, his decks, and any other equipment he might be using during his set.

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

To enhance Marshmello's interaction with the crowd and his visuals, augmented reality technology is often employed. AR overlays computer-generated imagery onto the live video feed, enriching the visual experience for both Marshmello and the audience. This technology might be used to display graphics, animations, or even messages directly onto the screens within the helmet.

Visibility and Performance

It's worth noting that the technology inside Marshmello's helmet is carefully calibrated to ensure optimal visibility and performance. The cameras used are equipped with low-light capabilities to adapt to different stage lighting conditions. The internal screens are designed to provide clear and vibrant imagery while avoiding glare or discomfort for the performer.

Personalization and Artistic Expression

While the technology behind Marshmello's helmet is undoubtedly impressive, the artistic aspect is equally important. The X-shaped eyes, the LED lights, and the entire design contribute to the DJ's image and brand. The ability to customize and adapt the visuals according to his artistic vision adds another layer of creativity to his performances.


Marshmello's helmet isn't just a piece of headgear; it's a complex fusion of technology and artistry. The integration of cameras, screens, LED lights, and augmented reality technology allows him to see his audience and his equipment while delivering an immersive visual experience to his fans. The helmet exemplifies the intersection of music and technology, creating a performance spectacle that's as captivating visually as it is musically. As Marshmello continues to push creative boundaries, we can only anticipate even more exciting innovations in the world of live performances.

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