Christian model opens her Onlyfans and is showered with criticism; she says "God gave her permission"

A Christian woman from the United States decided to open her OnlyFans account to sell her nude content to all users of the platform. What is striking about the case is that she claimed to have received permission to do so from God himself.

Nita Marie is the woman who decided to post adult content on OnlyFans, but always with God's permission. Well, despite making money generating content of a sexual nature, she does not neglect her Christian religion. She assures that she has spoken with him about the matter and says that she always gets an approving answer, so she is not afraid of criticism from other believers.

I asked God if I should keep getting naked, and the answer was always yes.

"In the name of God", the model will continue with her account for which she already earns more than 1 million usd a year, since her account has more than 953 followers who accompany her virtually from many parts of the world.

She confesses that she has suffered rejection and retaliation from friends and family, but that the only one who cares about being well is with God. Nita Marie seeks to send a message to all believers so that they understand that embracing sexuality should not be an impediment to practising a religion.

I want women and men to know that there is nothing wrong with embracing their sexuality and being religious.

Nita says that she has a close relationship with God since she dreamed of him at age nine and comments that:

That experience helped me pursue Christianity and build a relationship with Christ personally, rather than one filled with doctrine written by men thousands of years ago.

In addition, Nita will publish her first book where she will explore and deal with religion, morals and sexual content. This one will come out in the first months of 2022.

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