OnlyFans Regrets and Cancels the Banning of Explicit Content

OnlyFans claims to have 130 million users on its platform. In addition, according to their reports, every day, up to half a million people join to share and pay to view explicit adult content through the payment of a subscription to those who share their material, something that has caused enormous controversy and that put the platform about to ban these types of exchanges.

Fearing that their reputation would be damaged, several banks linked to OnlyFans threatened to withdraw, which would get the platform in trouble, so they announced that as of October 1 they would stop allowing explicit material and erotic in nature. For many, this was terrible news. However, they have now backtracked.

Although different types of content are shared, it is not a secret that explicit material for adults is the one that has had the most success and, of course, the one that generates the most profits for those who have found an excellent form of income through their videos and Photographs. Close to two million users sell their content, not necessarily for adults, including some celebrities.

On the one hand, banks consider it a risk to participate in activities in which there is adult content, because customers could withdraw their money by not agreeing with that industry or because they refuse to pay the bill when a charge arrives for their activity on OnlyFans, saying they entered and authorized the charge "accidentally."

On the other hand, for OnlyFans, it represented a risk to leave aside the area that is giving the greatest profits, because that would make it one more social network, and for that, there are already others that have greater popularity and that have not allowed explicit material for years, like this that he would be almost before his disappearance. It was obvious that they would have to do whatever it took to continue winning.

Thank you all for your opinions. We have obtained the necessary guarantees to support our diverse community of creators, and we have suspended the policy change planned for October 1. OnlyFans is synonymous with inclusion, and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.

An analysis by the company Axios highlights that of the 130 million OnlyFans users, seven pay each month to view content, in the range allowed by the platform's policies, which go from 5 to 50 dollars that each creator can charge. Right now, 16,000 creators are making at least $ 50,000 per year. Onlyfans claims that two million users have shared $ 5 billion in profits. Of course, no one was willing to give up those amounts.

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