The bride and groom charge 120 dollars to each of the guests who did not go to their wedding "for the expenses they made"

We all know certain people for whom their wedding day is truly a very special date. That is why they plan in advance to the smallest detail and try to have all their loved ones and friends accompany them. And not to mention the investment made in a bridal event, since the costs of such a party are always high.

For these reasons, a couple from the United States is sending the billing receipt to those who did not attend their wedding when they had confirmed their presence, because, according to the couple, Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee, it was a discourtesy that cost them time and money.

The newlywed couple just returned from Jamaica, where they booked a cruise for their 109 guests, of whom only 101 attended. They maintain that this charge is only for their seat on the cruise ship that was left empty, because after asking several times, everyone confirmed their place, but in the end, eight guests did not attend.

What hurts them the most is the failure to speak and the fact that their friends had not warned that they could not travel with them at the Royalty Negril Resort & Spa, where their wedding was held.

Doug Simmons was the one who published on his Facebook account the statement of the fee for no-show to the resort with the hashtag #PETTYPOST (petty publication) and the following message:

We sent you this invoice because you confirmed seat (s) at the wedding reception during the final count. The amount above is the cost of your individual seats. Because you did not call us or give us proper notice that you would not be attending, this amount is what you owe us for having paid for your seats in advance. You can pay through Zelle or PayPal.

The couple's decision has caused controversy since it went viral. For some, it is an exaggeration or a joke. But it seems that they speak very seriously, because they take it as an example of the struggle for all those couples who look bad at their weddings.

However, Doug has stated on NBC that he never sent the receipt and that the document is only a symbol of frustration and anger that his friends did not notify that they would not be attending his wedding:

It was just me being a little mean and just having a learning moment at the same time. I never had to send it because only they [the missing guests] seeing it alone on Facebook generated guilt. You don't always have to do things for people, but the fact that you put it out there and they saw it, that's when they came running up and said, 'Hey, you know, I apologize.

The truth is that marriage as a ritual has a lot of business and is a contract, so if the parties who agreed, that is, not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but guests and grooms, to celebrate together, then perhaps it is fair the demand of the 240 dollars that they demand from each one of those who did not go to Jamaica.

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