Vaccine influencer mom licks supermarket items to "build defenses against covid"

Jodie Meschuk believes that the immune system improves when viruses enter the body by licking objects, but not when they are introduced in a controlled and medically proven way. Anyway, the anti-vaccine lady.

If they thought that only "the Chavez" was doing dangerous nonsense, then Jodie goes so far as to say: with permission. This Colorado mother took to the extreme the idea that part of healthy growth involves the body developing antibodies, even if it is exposed to dirt and germs, and to prove it, she licked objects from a supermarket.

In a video posted on her social networks, Jodie, blogger, and writer, appears doing her shopping in a supermarket accompanied by her son. It seems like a normal video, until you realize that neither she nor her creature wears face masks.

But the worst part is when this anti-vaccine mom licks a plastic bag, a refrigerator handle, and even the handrail on her cart. As she does so, in her video, she shows messages explaining what we all already knew.

Germs strengthen your immune system. Exposure to germs builds defenses against asthma and allergies—microbes aid digestion.


Although the message is right by itself, in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, going around the world licking things is quite dangerous. Jodie started raining criticism for contaminating objects that other people will touch with her saliva and also for involving her son in her videos.

Jodie was already famous for having published a book in which she "explained" how she had reversed her son's autism, but this time it went viral on the Internet because everyone shared her video, which in the end, she ended up deleting from her account from Instagram. But the damage was done, and many users had time to download and publish it on other sites.

In social networks, there was already a "challenge" in which people opened cans of ice cream in supermarkets, licked them, and returned to their place. Due to the health crisis, we are experiencing, the authorities indicated that licking objects was a danger and, in some cases, this antics has resulted in arrests and fines.

Jodie Meschuk has now had to protect all her social networks because people with a minimum of common sense have turned against her and left us wanting to tell her: sit down and stop licking things, ma'am!

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