Will Smith surprises star of 'Fresh Prince' reboot with the news he got the role

And this is the story, pay attention, how the life of Jabari Banks was transformed. The young actor has just been announced as the new prince of rap by none other than Will Smith himself. Finally, the reboot that many expected has a protagonist.

Jabari Banks was not aware of anything when Will Smith made a video call to announce that he had taken the role of Will. Smith took Banks by surprise, who answered the call from his closet and dedicated these words to him:

It is an absolute pleasure for me to meet you, to be with you, and from the deepest part of my heart, I want to congratulate you. You get the role of Will in 'Bel-Air'.

Faced with the incredible news, Banks turns around in his chair and declares that he is ready to face the challenge. In addition, he says that he is very happy and thanks Smith for the opportunity to be part of the reboot, as he affirms that the old series had a great impact on his life.

The new series will only be titled Bel-air and the idea of ​​its update was born after a video clip appeared on YouTube to the 90's series and will inspire Smith to recreate the show. For his part, Banks is very reminiscent of that young Will Smith, as the boy knows how to rap, dance, sing and has a talent for basketball. Plus, he's originally from Philadelphia, just like the prince of rap.

The production has suffered some delays and may be released until 2022 through the Peacock streaming channel, but it seems that nothing will prevent it from reaching the screens, since they already have a contract for two seasons. The interesting thing will be to see the dramatic turn that the series will have. But for now, Banks has become the prince of all Bel-air.

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