Watchdog: Meet 9 recommended breeds

Having a guard dog can be a good idea for those seeking security for their home and family. After all, furry ones have some essential traits of a good protector: courage, intelligence, and loyalty. 

Guard dog breeds are a good choice for those looking for a reliable protector thanks to their natural characteristics. Read on and discover the best species to protect your family!

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular guard breeds. This pet stands out for its intelligence and loyalty. It has a very protective behavior and, by nature, tends to obey orders without too many problems. So it is a security guard dog!

However, it is worth remembering that every dog ​​needs to undergo training to perform the task. The German Shepherd is an energetic friend and requires space to practice the exercises. When raised with care and attention, it is a very friendly pet with the family and does not usually have problems with living together.


Athletic and agile, the Doberman is a favorite when it comes to large guard dog breeds. It is a very curious pet with a haughty appearance, always aware of what is happening around. It is very faithful and friendly with the family. He often creates deep bonds with the tutors, always accompanying them.

However, it is necessary that they receive affection and positive stimuli from childhood to facilitate coexistence. It is considered an independent pet, but it also loves to spend quality time with the family! 


The Rottweiler has natural characteristics that make it the ideal guard dog: strength, intelligence, and loyalty. The strong, intimidating appearance draws attention. However, when well stimulated, this pet is extremely friendly and affectionate with the family. 

A true heavyweight, the Rottweiler needs a home with space and, above all, lots of stimulation. It is important to highlight that education and tutoring will define the puppy's behavior in the future. Therefore, training is essential from the early years. 

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is a friendly, protective, and affectionate giant. It has a short coat and drooping ears, which provide a fluffy and lazy air. However, don't be fooled by appearances. 

The Brazilian breed is known for its athletic ability and is usually very affectionate with the family and extremely protective. Training it is essential, as, when it receives the right stimuli, it becomes a friendly and very faithful pet. 


The Pitbull is among the best guard dogs. Due to his muscular build and strong body, many associate him with aggressiveness. However, it is a friendly, faithful, and protective dog, characteristics that make it a great guard dog. 

Unlike other breeds, it tends to be a little more relaxed but still needs daily walks and exercise. With responsible mentoring, the Pitbull becomes a great companion! 


Strong and with a face of few friends, the Boxer is a favorite among guard dogs. However, despite its intimidating appearance, this pet is known to be extremely friendly and playful. He is very fond of his family and has a great protective instinct. So it may seem a little jealous at times. 

He has a lot of energy, so he loves regular play and exercise. If you're thinking of having a loyal, fun companion pet, the Boxer might be the perfect choice! 


Argentine Dogo

The Dogo Argentino has a serious and haughty appearance, but whoever has the chance to live with him, soon realizes that he is a great joker. Strong and athletic, originally assisted in hunting in the country. However, it became popular as a guard dog and a great companion. 

It is a calm and less energetic dog, but it still needs regular exercise. Extremely faithful, he does everything to protect his family when he perceives danger. For a peaceful coexistence, training should start in the first few months.

Bull terrier

With a striking appearance and great personality, the Bull Terrier is always an excellent companion. This cute pet is known for being fun and friendly, suitable for families who enjoy outdoor activities. Athletic and muscular, he is very faithful and protective. 

Furthermore, it is extremely curious, being always on alert. When receiving the correct stimuli, the Bull Terrier maintains a protective behavior, develops great affection for the family, and is a sociable and affectionate pet.

Great Dane

The cute Great Dane stands out for being a loving pet and very companion! However, don't be fooled by the furry's amorous behavior. When necessary, she goes out of her way to protect her loved ones. He has a lot of energy and loves playing with tutors. 

Thus, the Great Dane is suitable for dedicated families, who can walk and practice activities with the pet at least twice a day. With responsible mentoring, he becomes a companion at all times! 


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