Can I Have Amazon Prime in 2 Countries? | Regional Restrictions

Amazon Prime has become a widely popular subscription service, offering a plethora of benefits such as fast shipping, access to streaming content, exclusive deals, and more. No, it is generally not possible to have an Amazon Prime membership in two countries simultaneously.However, questions often arise about the feasibility of having Amazon Prime in multiple countries. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of having an Amazon Prime membership in two countries simultaneously.

Region-Specific Subscriptions

Amazon Prime memberships are region-specific, meaning they are tied to the country where the subscription was initially purchased. Each country has its own Amazon website and Prime service, tailored to the specific needs and benefits available in that region. As a result, having a single Amazon Prime membership simultaneously active in two different countries is generally not possible.

Benefits and Service Availability

Amazon Prime benefits and services can vary between countries. Features such as fast shipping, streaming content, Kindle lending library, and exclusive deals are often specific to the country where the subscription is held. While some benefits, like fast shipping, may have limited cross-border functionality, the full suite of benefits and services may not be accessible outside the country of subscription.

Regional Content and Streaming Limitations

One of the key attractions of Amazon Prime is its streaming service, Prime Video, which offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original content. However, the availability of streaming content is region-specific due to licensing and distribution agreements. Subscribers may encounter limitations when accessing Prime Video in a country different from their subscription's origin. Certain content may be restricted to specific regions, leading to variations in the available streaming catalog.

Account and Billing Considerations

Managing multiple Amazon Prime memberships across different countries can pose logistical challenges. Each membership requires a separate account tied to the respective Amazon website. Billing and payment methods may also differ between countries, potentially leading to complications when managing subscriptions and associated payments. It is important to keep in mind the logistical aspects of maintaining and managing multiple Amazon Prime accounts in different countries.

Workarounds and Alternatives

While having a single Amazon Prime membership active in two countries is not feasible, there are alternative options to consider. For instance, users can choose to have separate Amazon Prime memberships in each country they reside in, adhering to the benefits and services available in each specific region. Alternatively, Amazon offers the ability to change the country settings on an existing Amazon account, allowing users to access localized services and benefits in the new country.


Having an active Amazon Prime membership in two different countries simultaneously is generally not possible due to region-specific subscriptions and limitations. The benefits and services associated with Amazon Prime can vary between countries, making it important to understand and adhere to the specific offerings in each region. Exploring alternative options, such as maintaining separate Amazon Prime memberships or adjusting country settings, can help users make the most of Amazon Prime while residing in different countries.

Image Source: Business Insider