Did Walter White's Family Get Any Money? | How Much Money Did Walt Leave His Family?

Breaking Bad, the critically acclaimed television series, captivated audiences with the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer. As the series progressed, Walter amassed a substantial fortune from his illegal activities, raising questions about the fate of his family after his eventual demise.In the end. Walter White's family did receive money after his death, but it came in the form of the Schwartz trust fund, not the drug money he had intended to leave them. The trust fund secured Flynn's financial future and provided Skyler with some financial stability despite the legal consequences they faced. In this article, we delve into the financial aftermath of Walter White's actions and examine whether his family received any money and the extent of his legacy left behind.

Walter White's Secret Fortune

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As the infamous drug lord known as "Heisenberg," Walter White accumulated a considerable fortune from his methamphetamine empire. Throughout the series, he navigated the dangerous world of drug trafficking, leaving a trail of violence and destruction in his wake. His involvement in the drug trade allowed him to amass millions of dollars, hidden away in secret locations, meticulously kept from his family's knowledge.

Hank's Discovery

Despite Walter's careful attempts to keep his double life hidden, his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, a DEA agent, began to unravel the truth. As the series approached its climax, Hank stumbled upon the shocking realization that his mild-mannered brother-in-law was, in fact, the elusive and dangerous drug lord known as Heisenberg. This discovery led to a tumultuous chain of events that would eventually seal Walter's fate.

Walter's Demise and Confession

In the final episodes of Breaking Bad, Walter White faced a deadly confrontation with a group of neo-Nazis, leading to his eventual demise. Before his death, Walter attempted to provide for his family's future by orchestrating a plan to leave his drug money behind for them. However, his former business associates, Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz, refused to accept the money and established a trust fund for Walter's son, Flynn, instead.

The Schwartz Trust Fund

Walter's efforts to provide financial support for his family came to fruition through the Schwartz trust fund. After his death, the Schwartzes decided to use the drug money to establish an irrevocable trust for Flynn, ensuring that the funds were legally protected and could not be traced back to Walter's illegal activities. The trust fund, amounting to approximately $9.72 million, was intended to secure Flynn's future and provide for his well-being.

The Fate of Skyler and Holly

As for Walter's wife, Skyler, and their daughter, Holly, their future was not without challenges. Following Walter's death, Skyler faced legal repercussions due to her association with Walter's drug empire. However, the Schwartz trust fund allowed Skyler to retain some financial stability and, in turn, enabled her to care for Holly. Though not without its difficulties, the trust fund eased the financial burden left in the wake of Walter's actions.


Walter's journey from a desperate teacher to a feared drug lord left a significant and complicated legacy, one that would forever alter the lives of those he left behind. Breaking Bad stands as a testament to the consequences of choices made and the lasting impact they have on those closest to us.

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