10 Camping Ideas for Teaching Kids About Camping and Nature!

You always loved camping as a child. The wind in your hair while you were fishing on a boat, the rustle of the leaves in the forest, and even the distant chirping of birds. Being around a campfire and cooking s'mores with your family is something you will never forget. 

Now that you are older and have your own family, you want to share those experiences with them. Make new and even more amazing memories with your children. But it's been so long that you may need a refresher on all of the camping ideas that are out there!

Camping Ideas

There are numerous camping activities to do with your kids. You want their experience to be fun and filled with exploration. 

Being around nature makes it easy to learn about nature. There are a lot of fun things to do while camping that can teach your children about the great outdoors. 

It can be hard for kids to realize all of the benefits that come from camping, so you have to show them. The age of technology has made a lot of children believe fun comes from being indoors and connected to high-speed internet. 

Integrating activities into the camping experience is an important part of keeping your children interested while having them learn something. After you've set up your camping tent, the activities can get started. Here are 10 camping ideas for teaching kids about camping and nature:

1. Fishing

Camping near a body of water always calls for fishing. Teaching your kids how to fish can be a fun bonding activity that they can learn from. Catching your dinner and cooking it can be a lesson all on its own.

Not only does this activity teach kids about camping and nature, but it can also teach them patience. We all know how long it can take to catch a bite. 

Teaching your kids the ins and outs of fishing teaches them about camping. From putting bait onto a hook to casting a line, there is a lot to learn in this activity. 

Fishing can also teach your kids a lot about nature. If you're in an area where there is a variety of different fish, you have a real opportunity to teach your kids about these underwater creatures.

If you don't know much about every fish, take a book with you that lays out all of the information you need. Use this activity to learn together. There are so many memories to be made by the water.

camping ideas for family fishing

2. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to teach your kids about camping and nature. There is no telling what you will see hiking along a camping trail. From the different trees, flowers, plants, and animals, the learning possibilities are endless.

Fill up the day by taking a hike with the family. Have your kids point out what they see and make them aware of the dangers that there could be. Although nature is a beautiful place, it is still important that kids learn to be careful.

Going for a hike allows for a lot of teaching moments and is one of the best camping activities. Bust out the plant books and see what you can find. 

camping ideas for family hiking

3. Bird Watching

Exclusive to the great outdoors, bird watching has been a hobby for years. This hobby is also on the list of fun things to do while camping. 

Camping with toddlers can be difficult but this is one of the camping ideas that they can enjoy, too. Pointing out and listening for birds is all it takes to go bird watching. 

Bird books are available for young children, older children, and adults. Everyone can get a kick out of this activity. Bird watching is a great way to teach kids about the nature that surrounds them.

4. Star Gazing

Camping activities at night can be scarce, but stargazing is one of the best camping ideas for nighttime. 

Being in the house most of the time means that kids are never getting to see the sky. Living in a city with a lot of lights also makes it difficult. Chances are, your children have only seen a few of the billions of stars that are out there. 

What better way to learn about nature than to look right up into the sky? Stargazing can show your children the true beauty of camping.

There are a lot of apps out there that can find constellations near you. If you're going for a true camping experience without technology, there are many maps of the sky available. 

For an even greater experience, brush up on your astronomy knowledge to teach your kids. There is a lot to learn from the sky. 

camping ideas with family star gazing

5. Build a Fire

Playing with fire is not something you would usually teach your kids, but what is camping without a campfire? Building a fire from scratch is a skill that could be important for your kids to learn. The importance of a fire when camping teaches kids a lot about camping and nature. 

After they have successfully learned this skill, they can be treated with s'mores. Nothing says camping like toasting s'mores by the fire. 

6. Catch Fireflies and Other Bugs

Catching fireflies has been a part of camping fun forever. Extend the fun by catching other bugs. This fun activity is another learning opportunity for your children.

Teaching them the importance of insects and how they relate to the ecosystem is something that is never too early to learn. Plus, your kids will love being on the hunt for creepy crawlers.

Take a book about bugs along with you to further the learning experience. See what you and your kids can find and recognize together. 

7. Campfire Stories

Telling scary stories around the campfire may not be the best idea for your young children. But, this camping tradition does not have to go to waste completely.

The stories you tell around the campfire don't have to be scary; they can be educational. Besides having fun, you want to teach your kids about camping and nature on this trip.

Maybe you could tell them the rich history of the campsite you are on or stories about all of the bugs you found today. Make memories around the campfire that matter. 

8. Nature Scavenger Hunts

When your kids have a good idea about what nature is all about, creating a nature scavenger hunt could be a fun activity. 

These scavenger hunts can be simply made by you and allow you and your kids to show some creativity. Have them find things like flowers, a certain bug, leaves, etc. Let them take the fun things they have learned about camping and nature into their own hands. 

A little competition always makes things more fun. Have your kids compete against one another to see who can find all the things on the list first. 

camping family activites

9. Cooking

It's time to cook those fish you caught together. Maybe your kids already have sparked an interest in cooking and help you when you are at home. This is a great opportunity to teach them how to cook differently. 

Even if they haven't sparked an interest before, now could be a good time to show them the ropes. Cooking in a camping setting not only teaches your children valuable things, but it allows for a lot of bonding. 

10. Camping Activity Books

If you have run out of camping ideas for you and your kids, it may be time to turn to a camping activity book. These books are filled with activities and learning opportunities for kids. 

Maybe you aren't quite the camping expert that you expected to be. Getting one of these books can help you out, too. It's hard to keep the attention of children, especially when they are away from their electronics. These books contain tips, printable activities, camping-themed games, arts and crafts and more.

If this isn't your first camping trip as a family, let your kids take the reigns this time. It is easy for them to plan activities to do with a camping activity book. Have them fall in love with their camping experience by being more in tune with how the day goes. 

Go Camping!

Try out different spots so that these activities never expire. You can always find something new to do and see when you are camping. 

Now that you know how you can transform a camping trip into a learning experience for your kids with these camping ideas, start planning your camping trip today!

And don't forget to browse our blog if you're still hungry for more info about the great outdoors!

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