9 car camping essentials

Have you been on a dozen of camping trips, and you're looking for a different camping experience and adventure? If your answer's yes, then your best option is to go on a car camping trip.
Car camping offers a different vibe and aura than conventional tent camping, and it is an experience that you'll never forget. Be it with your family, friends, or you decide to go solo, car camping is a thrilling experience, and compared to expensive 5-star hotels, it's quite pocket-friendly.

Generally, car camping is absolutely safe; sleeping in the comfort and safety of your car, you don't have to worry about wild animal attacks and the extreme cold that may occur. However, there are some car camping essentials that will keep you safe and literally save your life during your car camping period. Since you'll be living temporarily away from your zone of comfort, it's super necessary to make your car a home away from home by packing items that will offer outdoor comfort.

It doesn't matter if you're new to car camping, or pack you've been to a couple, you need to know these car camping tips in order to always get back home in one piece and have an amazing car camping trip.
Below are some of the car camping essentials every camper will need to stay safe, so let's get digging!

Choose a safe and approved camp site

This is probably the first in line of all car camping essentials. To avoid getting a ticket, have your car towed, or worse, get carjacked, you have to be mindful of where you park your vehicle for a camping stop. The potential locations to camp safely include:

  • Designated campgrounds at national and state parks
  • Private campgrounds
  • National forests and other underdeveloped spots in the vicinity
  • Parking Lots

Before parking your car to set up camp, it is important to have knowledge about the car camping regulations and possible restrictions in the area. Most Walmart Parking lots welcome car campers, but just to be sure, check with the employee on duty to find out if it's okay and safe to park and set up camp.

First aid kit

This should probably already be a component of your car, but double-check and confirm that you have it before starting your trip. Self-inflicted injuries or those from external sources such as burns, cuts, concussions, and fractures may occur during car camping trips, and it is important to have the necessary items to mitigate the effects of these injuries.

Keep yourself warm at night

staying warm while living in your car

Hypothermia is a thing and even mild cases of cold may trigger a chain of health issues that you don't want to experience at a location far from any local or federal hospital. To keep yourself warm, remember to pack a couple of blankets, and purchase inflatable, cushy sleeping pads to keep warm while sleeping. Yes, the car serves as a windbreaker and you'll probably not experience a lot of cold, but you can't be too careful. Remember to keep the car windows fairly open too.

Pack some privacy

privacy while living in your car

It's quite rude to peep into the car of another individual, but not many people understand this simple etiquette. To prevent strangers from peeping into your car to see what they're not allowed to, try to invest in some window screens. These will darken your windows, and not even a microscope would be able to see through them. Window screens also help to cool the temperature in your car on a hot day by preventing the penetration of sun rays.

Protect your belongings from access to unauthorized individuals

Set up a car alarm, keep your doors locked, and keep your keys close. The alarm will automatically alert you if any one is trying to mess with your vehicle, although in some cases, it could just be a male squirrel chasing a female in an attempt to score one with her.

Flashlights, headlamps, or lanterns

Of course you'll need visibility when things get darker at night, and these will come handy. Car camping without some form of lighting is like flying a plane blind; nothing good comes out of it.

Cooking utensils, ingredients, and accessories

car camping essentials
All we're saying is ''Stock up your kitchen''. Except you're on a diet or fast, you don't want to go hungry while on a car camping trip. Ensure you carry along essential cooking items such as grills, stoves, plates, ingredients, and whatnot to avoid being hungry and stranded. Pack some camp tables, chairs, cutting boards, and picnic mats too, they'll only increase the level of comfort during your camping trip. If you're not much of a cook, cereals, oatmeal, and noodles should be part of our camping inventory.

Keep your environment and car clean

A dirty environment littered with food crumbs, paper bags, and leaves may cause some wild animals to come say ''HI''. Rodents and other small animals may also come through, leading to potential exposure to diseases and other dangers. The best way to achieve this is to keep your equipment, gadgets, and food items organized. Set up your cooking area and ensure that you clean up after cooking or eating. Take some plastic and sealable trash bags with you too.

Don't attract undue attention to yourself

In isolated regions and places like forests and national parks where there's a potential of wildlife contact, it is only safe and wise to keep a low profile. Noise, and unnecessary fire works should be kept to the barest minimum. Animals are naturally intrigued by light and sound, and they might follow the trail to your truck or camp ground, which puts you in a lot of potential danger.

The Car Camping Master!

With the above car camping essentials in your arsenal, you should have a safe and thrilling car camping experience. So get going, a wonderful adventure awaits!

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