Longing Vacation: 7 Dream Beaches That Are Paradise by Nature

Long-distance travel is currently only possible in dreams because of COVID-19. Beautiful travel destinations with the best beaches are just waiting to welcome enthusiastic holidaymakers again at some point.

Seven dream beaches


Tropical Beach With Large Rocks
Dream beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves: For many vacationers, Seychelles are the epitome of the tropical island paradise. The presidential republic in the Indian Ocean consists of a total of 115 islets. The three main islands form Mahé with the capital Victoria, the somewhat smaller Praslin, and La Digue. Seychelles' scenic beauty is undisputed - especially the long and often lonely beaches with white sand invite you to sunbathe or take long walks. Many of the beaches are also framed by the typical granite rocks, which give the backdrop the picturesque picture-book character.
The islands' interior also has a lot to offer: In national parks such as the Vallée de Mai, travelers wander through untouched nature and succumb to the jungle's fascination.


Hawaii Coast with Buildings
The 50th American state of Hawaii shines with its cultural and scenic diversity. Located in the middle of the Pacific, the 137 atolls and islands have been part of the United States of America since 159, but have retained their traditional Polynesian charm to this day. Coupled with fire-breathing volcanoes, sandy beaches, and impressive mountain ranges in the midst of tropical vegetation, an unforgettable stay in Hawaii is guaranteed.
In the pulsating capital Honolulu, travelers feel the 'American way of life,' and all over the archipelago, people greet each other with the famous greeting 'Aloha' - which translates as love or affection.


Hidden Thailand Paradise Lagoon
Thailand is not one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world for nothing. Travelers will find wonderful beaches, lonely mountain landscapes, and palm-fringed rivers here. But the magnificent temples and the excellent cuisine of the East Asian country also inspire numerous visitors every year.
The islands off the Thai mainland are a highlight of every trip. The monarchy is also known for colorful and extravagant festivals, during which the joie de vivre and hospitality of the local population play a major role.

South Africa

South African Beach with Sun Blazing
The whole world in one country: a grandiose diversity characterizes South Africa in terms of landscape and biodiversity. From the icy waters of the west coast of the Cape to the wild and romantic plains of the Kruger National Park to the sunny savannah of Limpopo - the country on the southern tip of the African continent holds countless natural treasures ready.
There are also lively cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Cape Town with the legendary Table Mountain. A single trip is usually not enough to get to know South Africa sufficiently in all its facets - and that is exactly what makes it so exciting.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Hammock on the Beach
The atoll in the South Pacific is one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. The archipelago belongs to French Polynesia and has around 10,000 inhabitants. Bora-Bora is a postcard motif that has become an "island" and is often used as a backdrop for a heavenly honeymoon. The immaculate beaches, the turquoise water, and the evergreen jungles speak for themselves.
Also, the lagoons are full of intact coral reefs, making the atoll a real hotspot for divers and snorkelers. The best way to explore the area inside the atoll is by foot - it is worth booking a local guide for better orientation.


Bahamas sign with directions
The Bahamas is no less paradisiacal: The Caribbean archipelago, which is particularly popular with Americans due to its proximity to Florida, scores with fine, white sandy beaches and plenty of palm trees. The climate is pleasantly warm all year round and rarely falls below 20 degrees, even in winter.
The fabulous underwater world invites you to go diving and snorkeling and flora and fauna on the islands - including the famous swimming pigs - know how to inspire. A perfect place for travelers who don't want to do anything on vacation except to relax.


Long fiji trees on the beach
Back in the South Seas, around 2,100 kilometers north of New Zealand, lie the Fiji Islands. To put it into perspective: a tunnel, starting from Germany or Austria and bored once across the planet, would come to the surface again roughly in the archipelago area.
In addition to fantastic diving opportunities on the numerous coral reefs around the island, Fiji, with its countless beaches and bays, is a paradise for surfers.

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