9 of the Best Essential Craft Tools Every Artist Should Own

As a devoted crafter and DIYer, I continuously try to think outside the box and always come up with interesting new projects and ways to create amazing things. I love to let my creative mind run free and wild. It’s good for the soul, you know? With the years, I’ve realized that even though I’m always working on a variety of projects, I’m still using the same craft tools. They’ve become my mains in crafting toolbox. They’re the essential crafting tools that I use over and over again. Im not going to lie here these tools are the lifesaver when you are a crafter and these tools are most convenient to use and cost-effective. You can use these tools to get the most out of your creative selves.

Here are some best crafting tools:

1. Electric Mini Engraving Pen

This tool is the best for engraving on multiple surfaces including, glass, plastic, wood ceramic, leather and more. With its sharp drill, you can engrave precisely and beautifully on your desired product. I always use this whenever I want to decorate a card for my love ones. 

You can make customized gifts on occasions like valentines, Christmas, wedding etc. as self-made gifts show more devotion and are dearer. Its compact form, ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and easy handling. You can hold it like a pen to do intricate work without causing a sprain in your wrist or stressing your hand. It is a light-weight and easy to operate tool that can help you with your crafting projects, and this should be your choice while buying craft tools. Get yours Here

2.DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Glass Cutting Tool

Best selling tool:
If you are starting and you need the best crafting tools in the town, then this one should be your priority. I have been using it since the starting days. This is a perfect fit for making candle holders, wind chimes, goblets etc. you don’t need to read extensive manuals for using it, put the bottle on the bottle cutter, then apply moderate pressure and finally rotate the glass bottle and you are done. It is made up of aluminum alloy and best applicable to round bottles, like beer bottles and wine bottles.
You can use your creative recycling ideas to decorate your house and life by using this tool. Get yours Here

3. Wood Carving Carpentry Tool

Crafting can be a bit of a hassle because you have to drill, sharpen and mold things according to your will. It takes time, effort and energy. This specialized tool helps you ease the problems you face during crafting. It has electric chisel with 5 unique heads and a special wrench to aid in crafting.

It is 3 to 5 times higher in speed than conventional tools. When it produces 25000 ultra-speed vibrations per minute, it saves you time and effort and engraves beautifully.

It is worth the cost due to its unique features with safety. Moreover, it can be used on multiple surfaces like wood, antique floor sculpture, toys, figures and other carvings. Get yours here

4. 2 Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

Image Source: The Gourmet

Glue gun: This is without any doubt my most used (and loved) craft tool. I use this glue gun for almost every project I do as you can set it to heat on 2 different temperatures for your comfort. You can use a low-temp option for delicate fabrics and papers and a high-temp option for plastics and metals. It’s just so convenient and simple to heat it and start crafting right away without having to wait hours for your glue to dry.

I will admit that some of the projects require a stronger adhesive than regular hot glue, but more than 90% of the time, hot glue is my choice, and it works perfectly! This is one very cost-effective tool you’ll get a lot of use out of. And don’t forget to have some extra glue sticks on hand. There’s nothing worse than starting a project and running out of glue sticks in the middle!

5. Foam & Paintbrushes

Foam and paintbrushes are the essential assets of crafting. To be a crafter using brushes is the basic need of this art. An artist is known for its brushes. To select brushes among the myriad of brushes is also one hell of a task. That’s where we are going to help you. I use foam brushes more than any other brushes.

These brushes are so cheap and handy. You can clean them quickly, and they dry up fast. Easy-grip brushes make your painting experience much more fun.

6. Markers

Image Source: Colorfit

If you are an artist, then you may know the value of colored markers. These set of markers stay permanent on plastic, paper, metal and other surfaces that make it unique among others. These vibrant and eye-popping colors make your art a remarkable eye-catching piece. The markers are thoroughly water and fade-resistant, that means they will stay for so long. Special AP certified ink that dries up fast and leaves a prominent impression.

7. Clear Storage Totes

Image Source: The Container Store

The organized working area gives you peace of mind. Whenever you want to head somewhere where you need to carry your crafting tools, so you need a reliable box in which you can add your tools to carry anywhere you want. Clear tote boxes can help you in sorting out your items.

These boxes are much loved because you can quickly tell what’s in the box due to its transparent color. You can even add labels to identify your items.

8. Self Healing Mat

Image Source: Michelle Stores

The self-healing mat is so useful for cutting multiple layer fabric while holding the fabric and make straight cuts. With its easy to read measuring grid and 45mm rotary cutter, you can have neat, accurate cuts that have lasting value.

You can expect an exact measurement of cutting with its 30-, 45- and 60-degree line indicators that are marked on the Mat.

Avoid exposure of matt with direct sunlight, extensive heat and cold. It gives a lifetime warranty which is worth giving this matt a try!

9. Needle Nosed Pliers

If you are a jewelry crafter, you need this fantastic set of tools for your job. These tools are used to grab items that cannot be dealt with hands because you want accuracy in your crafts. You can get 3 goodies in one deal that is. a Needle Nosed Pliers, Round Nose Pliers and Side Cutters with a pink handle to make your crafting experience a fun practice. This tool is also ideal for cutting through hard temper wires.

Crafting is an art some people love to do. To find products that experts trust and have positive reviews is also a task. This article covered essential products that are among the best tools and your must-haves when you opt for crafting. All the tools are cost-effective and extremely useful for newbies also. 

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