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Upcycling is very popular among DIY fans - from old to new! So you can make a lot of cans, and there are a lot of them in everyday life. In these instructions we will show you three creative ideas for tinkering with cans - from bees to lanterns and pots with crowns.

Bumble Bee Tin Can

For crafting, you need:
⦁ Food can
⦁ Nail and hammer
⦁ yellow acrylic paint and brush
⦁ black tape
⦁ four buttons
⦁ thread
⦁ scissors
⦁ Plastic packaging
⦁ black marker
⦁ hot glue

Step 1: Take the empty tin (without the lid, of course) and remove the label. Any residue of paper or glue can peel off by soaking the can in hot water for a few minutes.
Step 2: Now, you have to punch five holes in the can. To do this, use a nail and a hammer. A hole is needed as a suspension - on the opposite side of the bee, on the bee's underside, make four holes for the four legs. Place the holes, as shown in the picture.
3rd step: Now, the bee is painted. Acrylic paint is the best option. As soon as the paint is completely dry, the strips are glued on with black adhesive tape, unless you want to paint them on too.
4th step: Then cut four wool threads to the same length. Make a knot at the end of each thread.
5th step: Now, the wings are cut. Using a felt-tip pen, trace the outline of the wings on the underside of the food wrapper. After that, cut out the wings.
Note: You can easily wash off residues of the felt pen under warm water.
Step 6: Now, assemble the bee. Thread the four threads through the leg holes. The knots prevent the threads from sliding through from the inside. A button is tied at the end of each of these.
Step 7: Thread another, longer thread through the top of the suspension hole, and secure it with a knot.
8: Step: The wings and the crown cap eyes are each attached to the can with a blob of hot glue.
9th step: Finally, add a mouth and eyes with the felt pen.

Can Lantern

For crafting you need:
⦁ Food can
⦁ Felt pen
⦁ Nail and hammer
⦁ Spray paint or varnish
⦁ Decoration material
⦁ Tea light

Step 1: Remove the label and any glue residue from the tin. These can be easily removed under warm water.
Step 2: Now, think about a pattern or a motif that should show the later holes. Use a pen to mark the respective points for the holes on the tin, or you can draw lines on which you can later distribute the holes as you wish.
Step 3: Then carefully punch the holes in the tin with a hammer. Be very careful here that you do not slip.
4th step: The tin can is now sprayed or painted with colored lacquer or acrylic paint. Important: If you use spray paint, you should at least apply it to the open window. It would be even better, because of the gases, outside in the garden or on the balcony. Wait until the paint is completely dry before decorating.
Step 5: Last but not least, you can give the tinned lantern an individual touch with selected decorative elements. You can tie a wide fabric loop around the can, as well as raffia or natural fiber tape for the right DIY look. Or you can stick small flowers, felt hearts, lace, or borders on the box. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Crown Pot

For crafting you need:
⦁ Food can
⦁ Diagonal cutters and pincers
⦁ a sheet of paper
⦁ pen
⦁ scissors
⦁ Acrylic paint and brush
⦁ hot glue
⦁ Puschel
⦁ Decoration elements
⦁ Gloves and, if necessary, protective goggles
⦁ duct tape

Step 1: In the beginning, the label of the empty tin is removed - the quickest way to do this is with the help of warm water.
Step 2: Then, you need a template for the crown prongs. Take a sheet of paper and wrap it around the can. Cut the paper so that the ends do not overlap and the width of the paper is the same as the circumference of the can. You can also cut off the protruding areas above and below.
3rd step: Then, the sheet of paper is folded. Fold the strip in the middle once. Then the paper is folded in half again and then again. If you unfold it again, you have eight sections of the same size on the paper - that means the crown will later have eight points.
Step 4: Now cut in the prongs - leave the paper folded up and cut a prong into all layers at one end.
Step 5: Now transfer the spikes onto the tin with the pen. Of course, the prongs are at the top where the opening is. You can attach the paper to the can with an adhesive strip so that nothing slips.
Step 6: Now, you should be careful. Using the side cutter, cut along the lines into the can from the opening. Once you've cut through the thicker edge, the rest of the can is no longer that difficult. This way, cut out all of the prongs.
Important: The edges are very sharp, so you should wear gloves when doing this. The metal can also jump away a bit when cutting, which is why you should also wear protective goggles during this step.
7th step: Now, the prongs are bent outwards. Use the pincers for this.
8th step: Now, it is decorated. Then paint the can with acrylic paint (or spray paint) in no time. As soon as the paint is completely dry, you can add more decorative elements.


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