Easy DIY Wedding Favor Ideas for Cheap

Your big day is just around the corner, and you are already looking forward to having family and friends who will attend your wedding? Congratulations! If you are still looking for a suitable gift, you don't always have to spend a lot of money on it. Personalized ideas are much more popular with guests and conjure up a very special smile.

Presents for the newlyweds are a common gesture to make the new phase of life a little easier. Household appliances, toys for the first baby, or gifts of money are brought along. But what about the guests? Yes, the food and the location, as well as the entertainment with music or a show, alone make for a great feeling.

Nevertheless, guest favors are welcome, as the guests hold pictures or video recordings after the wedding and a small gift from the wedding couple as a thank you for the time. Ideas to make yourself are popular with every guest here.

The Classic: A Photo Book

create a photo book for your wedding
There are numerous ideas to choose from when looking for the right gift. They have one thing in common: they should be personal and not necessarily cost too much. One of the most popular favors, for this reason, is the photo book, but not the classic format that is distributed after the wedding. This photo book presents the most beautiful moments from the years before the wedding. This includes, if still available, images of the following events:
⦁ the first meeting or date
⦁ Travel memories
⦁ Engagement pictures
⦁ with the offspring
⦁ Moving into the first common home

Of course, all memories should be packed in this photo book, which provides a great and sometimes sentimental insight into the previous relationship. Many couples even integrate pictures of difficult moments or arguments, as these are part of the relationship and make the photo book even more "intimate." A big advantage of this gift: it is still quite cheap even in large editions, as discounts are usually still granted for large orders.

Small Delicacies

small treat box for wedding favors
What would a wedding be without a long meal? But it is precisely the little things that have the greatest effect. Numerous delicacies can be baked or arranged quickly and easily and, as it is for a gift, do not have to be consumed immediately. It's not just about candy or box of chocolates, but about decorative ideas that make the guest favors an absolute highlight. These include, for example:
⦁ Cookies that are thematically decorated with a cookie stamp
⦁ Cake pops decorated with a groom's suit and wedding dress
⦁ create a baking mix in the glass and give it away together with the matching recipe
⦁ Alternatively, give away the finished cake, for example, chocolate cake, in a glass, naturally sealed airtight, with a spoon
⦁ a specially cooked jam
⦁ Bake fortune cookies yourself and fill them with funny sayings or thanks
⦁ homemade chocolates with wedding decorations
⦁ Wedding almonds; are also great favors and not only suitable for the bridal couple
⦁ Make lavender sugar, which works very easily with 1 tablespoon of lavender (dried) and 100 g of sugar in a glass
⦁ self-made candies, also with possible decoration, but this is more difficult to achieve
⦁ Herbal salts are a tart alternative to lavender sugar and are made in the same way
⦁ homemade herbal oils; takes some time, but it is an absolute hit with guests
⦁ Drinking chocolate on a stick is very popular and easy to make
⦁ Homemade liqueur, for example, made from fruits
⦁ Prepare regional specialties yourself

A huge advantage of these party favors is the fact that you don't even have to be good at the kitchen. Most of the delicacies require little effort and can easily be produced in large quantities. This is why these ideas are so popular. And who doesn't like to nibble on homemade food?

Romantic Lanterns

Lantern Wedding Ideas
Candles are just as much a part of a romantic evening as they are to a wedding. Lanterns are a classic gift from the bride and groom to their guests and can easily be made by yourself. The only thing you need for this is enough jam or canning jars, of course, rinsed and freed from glue, and just as many tea lights. Then do the following:
⦁ In the beginning, think about a design for the glasses
⦁ you should definitely bring a personal touch
⦁ it is best to paint this as a template on a paper in the color of your choice and cut it out
⦁ then place a tealight in a glass
⦁ now glue the ornament to the glass
⦁ you can use either a spray adhesive, an adhesive roll or paste
⦁ then let dry

Alternatively, you can hang the decoration around the glass, for example, with a cord, or decorate it in some other way. The above method is the typical variant.

Room Fragrance Piece

Room fragrances are the perfect favors for guests. To create room fragrances yourself, you need the following (for one portion):
⦁ essential oil of your choice: 6-10 drops
⦁ 70 - 80 ml of water
⦁ 10 ml of alcohol (at least 50 percent)
⦁ Bottles to match the theme and decoration of the wedding
⦁ cork
Mix all the ingredients together and use them to fill the bottles. Seal these and decorate them. You can even use food coloring to enhance the effect of the gift.

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