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Chestnuts, acorns, or cones - in autumn, there is nothing more than beautifully colored leaves. Have you ever thought of making something out of these too? We show three creative ideas for crafting with leaves in autumn. Your children will be delighted!

Crafting with Leaves

craft fall leaves
It is particularly important when crafting with leaves that they are dry and maybe also pressed. In this guide, we explain step by step how to dry leaves.

Autumn Lanterns

autumn lantern with leaves
You need:
⦁ pressed leaves in beautiful colors
⦁ empty jam jar with no label
⦁ Brush and paste
⦁ String and scissors
Step 1: First, you mix some paste in a plastic cup. To do this, first put the powder in the cup and then add a little water until the paste has a sticky consistency. It shouldn't be too runny.
Step 2: Now brush the empty glass with the paste. Take only one side of the glass first.
3rd step: Then place a sheet of paper on this spot. Go over it again with the brush and smooth the sheet nice and smooth on all edges.
4th step: In this way, you now wrap around the entire glass. Now and then, leave a few small spots free so that you can see the beautiful tips of the leaves.
Step 5: Let the glued glass dry out for at least one night.
Note: If you don't have that much time, you can dry the paste by hand with a hairdryer.
Step 6: Finally, you can decorate the glass even more. All we have to do is wrap a ribbon around the opening. You could also decoratively label the glass with an autumnal slogan.

The leaves glow properly due to the glow of the tea light inside the glass. This works particularly well with red leaves. In our case, we, therefore, opted for grape leaves.

Leaf Foxes

You need:
⦁ dried and pressed maple leaves
⦁ white and black marker pen
Step 1: First, you need pressed maple leaves: Let the collected leaves dry overnight under a thick book wrapped in kitchen paper.
Step 2: We now start with the white areas that make the sheet a fox. Draw a triangle on the left and right tips of the leaves.
3rd step: Then add the white cheeks: To do this, paint two elongated ellipses on the lower, small tips.
4th step: Now follow the eyes and nose. You paint these on with a black felt pen.
And then the leaf foxes are ready and ready to be hung up with adhesive tape - no matter where you want: on the window, the front door, or as a wall decoration in the children's room.

Leaves Hedgehog

leafy hedgehog
You need:
⦁ dried leaves
⦁ Cardboard
⦁ pencil
⦁ scissors
⦁ Craft glue
⦁ Wiggle eye
⦁ black pen
Step 1: Draw a hedgehog's head on a piece of cardboard with a pencil. The head must have enough space at the back to be able to stick to these sheets.
Step 2: Then, cut out the hedgehog's head.
3rd step: Now, glue the sheets one by one like a fan. After the glue has dried well, this fan is glued onto the hedgehog's head.
4th step: Then, the hedgehog needs its face. To do this, glue on a wobbly eye and paint a mouth with a felt pen. The nose can also be drawn on with a pen. We glued on a small, black pompom.
This handicraft with leaves can now be easily attached to the wall, window, or door with a few adhesive tape strips.

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