Kids Crafts: 5 Easy to Make Snowman Using Recycled Materials

With the start of the new year, the cold and snow have arrived to cover our mountains with a spectacular white blanket. Therefore, it is a very good season to take advantage of free time at home and with the family. For this reason, we propose crafts to make snowmen with recycled materials to make the most of your winter holidays.

Snowman with disposable plates

paper plate snowman
With disposable plates, you can create many crafts, but, without a doubt, this snowman is one of the most entertaining and decorative for the winter season.
⦁ A pair of disposable cardboard plates
⦁ Scotch tape
⦁ Colored cards and sheets
⦁ 2 moving eyes
⦁ Glue and scissors
⦁ First, take two disposable plates and put one of them down and one up.
⦁ Attach four strips of masking tape to the back to attach the plates.
⦁ With the scissors, cut the cardstock and colored folios to make the buttons, the nose, the mittens, a scarf, and paper boots, as seen in the photo.
⦁ Finally, when you have the cutouts ready, glue them to the front of the plates. Be careful with the boots and mittens, as they must be glued from the back so that they hold better.

Snowman with paper cupcake capsules

With this craft, you will make a very simple and decorative collage to fill the walls of your house with color in winter.
⦁ Light blue cardstock
⦁ White cupcake paper capsules
⦁ Scraps of paper
⦁ Printed or colored fabric
⦁ Buttons
⦁ Glues and scissors
⦁ Glue the paper cupcake capsules onto the blue construction paper, overlapping one on top of the other.
⦁ With the papers and fabrics, cut out a nose, a mouth, a scarf, and two arms for the doll.
⦁ Use the buttons to glue the eyes, the cheeks, and to simulate a sweater.
⦁ You can use white buttons to simulate snowflakes on the background of the cardboard.

Snowmen with recycled materials: cardboard egg cups

These small 3D snowmen are a very original creation that you can give as a gift or use as a decoration for your home.
⦁ White egg box
⦁ White and other color paint
⦁ Black marker
⦁ A pair of pipe cleaners
⦁ An orange pompom
⦁ Red ribbon
⦁ A pair of moving eyes
⦁ Glue, scissors
⦁ Cut out each of the parts of the egg box, place one side up, one side down, and glue them together, as it appears in the photo.
⦁ Paint the entire doll white, except for the hat, which you must paint in the color of your choice.
⦁ Fit the pipe cleaners as arms.
⦁ Glue the orange pompom as a nose and the red scarf ribbon.
⦁ Glue on the moving eyes and draw the smile and the buttons with the marker

Snowman with cardboard tubes

You have probably already noticed that toilet paper tubes, or kitchen paper tubes are very useful for crafts. Therefore, they are also a very good option to make snowman with recycled materials.
⦁ A cardboard tube
⦁ White paper
⦁ Orange cardstock
⦁ Red tissue paper
⦁ Red thin ribbon
⦁ Silver wrapping paper
⦁ A pair of cotton buds
⦁ Black marker
⦁ Glue, and scissors
⦁ Cover the cardboard tube with white paper.
⦁ With the black marker, draw the eyes, mouth, and buttons of the figure.
⦁ Cut the orange card into the shape of the nose and glue it to the doll.
⦁ Cut a piece of tissue paper to create the hat. Then roll it onto the top of the tube.
⦁ Tie the tissue paper with the ribbon to give it the effect of a hat.
⦁ Cut the silver wrapping paper and wrap it around the tube to create the scarf.
⦁ Finally, stick two crossed cotton buds on the back to form the arms.

Snowmen with recycled materials: plastic cups

snowman plastic cups
We finished our selection of snowman crafts from recycled materials with this creation made from white plastic cups. So every time you use disposable cups, keep them in storage for some activity.
⦁ Plastic cups
⦁ Orange cardstock
⦁ Color fabric
⦁ Black felt
⦁ A stapler, scissors
⦁ Place the plastic cups in a circular shape and staple them in different layers until you get the half-sphere shape.
⦁ Repeat this same step for the top of the doll.
⦁ Then, staple both parts so that they are joined together.
⦁ Cut out a piece of the orange cardboard to make a cone that you will place on the figure as a nose.
⦁ With felt, fill the glasses necessary to form both eyes and the smile.
⦁ Use the colored fabric as the doll's scarf.

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